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Why Cancelling the Xena Reboot Was a Mistake

In my "Queer Princesses" post, I mentioned that NBC had announced a potential reboot of Xena: Warrior Princess that would explore Xena's relationship with Gabrielle. Last week, that reboot was officially cancelled. There are many reasons this was the wrong decision for the NBC executives to make. A big one is the recent rise of the warrior princess genre. With the recent releases of Wonder WomanDC Super Hero Girls, and Mysticons, there is a clear opening for a darker and more mature warrior princess series that Xena would have filled. Also, in the modern age of reboots, now would have been a perfect time to revive this piece of iconic '90s nostalgia.

The reason for cancelling the reboot was very vague. In fact, NBC President Jennifer Salke is still open to the possibility of one further in the future, claiming "Never say never." Don't forget this is the same network that failed to give The 10th Kingdom a well-deserved sequel and managed to turn the mo…

Once Upon a Time Season 7 Posters

The official season 7 posters for ABC's Once Upon a Time were dropped recently, and I would like to share some of my initial reactions with you. Granted, these reactions are sure to change when I see the season premiere next week, but I'll work with what I have for now. To be honest, the season is not shaping out very well so far with its alternate realities and its identity crisis after half the cast left at the end of the last season. Initially, Once Upon a Time was a refreshing new take on princess offspring, with the daughter of Snow White growing up in the real world and not believing in fairy tales. It would have been a decent show if ABC's parent company, Disney, didn't get greedy by renewing the show for far more seasons than it needed in an attempt to subtly market their products.

Since the Charming family is leaving the show, season 7 will be introducing us to a new cast of lead characters, featuring an adult version of Henry married to an "alternate&quo…

Why All Princess Fans Should Watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I've mentioned Rachel Bloom in my "Princess Parodies" and "Princess Rap Battles" post. Did you know that her CW comedy/drama series, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, has quite a bit of princess inspiration behind it? It might seem unlikely, but it's true. Rachel has said in an interview  “Our generation grew up in a particular unironic time of... Disney princess movies that were smart, but still a man is the solution. You know, I’m interested to see how Frozen will shape like little girls growing up because, for us it’s Beauty and the Beast, it’s Aladdin and Jasmine, it’s Ariel and Prince Eric." Sounds like a nod to "The Rise and Fall of the Animated Prince," doesn't it?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend delves into the psychology of being passionately in love to the point where it becomes unhealthy. It serves as a cautionary tale about what happens when we take the romantic Disney Princess ideology too far. Rachel is a huge musical theater nerd, which means every…

"Hyperion Heights" Is Worse Than a Sequel

Yesterday was the premiere of Once Upon a Time's heavily promoted seventh season. With half the cast now absent, the show's creators were forced to take the series in a new direction. Or did they? I was expecting the new season to feel like a Disney sequel, forgoing quality for the sake of selling off a known brand. What I saw last night was even worse than anything I could have possibly anticipated. "Hyperion Heights" is not the television equivalent of a sequel. Instead, it is a thinly veiled Disney remake of the worst possible sort. The episode contained everything we had already seen from Once Upon a Time's first season using new actors and new names.

It's not exactly a crime to make Henry live out the same life as his mother. After all, they share the same DNA. The crime is replacing every other character from Once Upon a Time's first season with a lackluster new equivalent. You might argue that they merely did this as a tribute to the show's pil…

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Is the Best Spin-Off You've Never Seen

We all know about my many issues with ABC's 2010 Once Upon a Time series, namely that it has been going on for far too long. In 2013, a spin-off series was released, entitled Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. This one-off series was half the length of a single season of Once Upon a Time and was superior in every way possible. It followed the adventures of a grown-up Alice who fell in love with a handsome young genie from Agrabah. This series is the reason I was so upset that the latest season of Once Upon a Time recast a new mischievous and morally questionable Alice. The Alice I grew to love from the spin-off was everything I could possibly want from a modern-day warrior princess with a penchant for daydreaming. Wonderland is a powerful adventure that is full of passion, romance, and fantasy. I was pleased to find that the series is still available to watch in full on its official website.

Upon watching the pilot again, I was pleasantly surprised by how much of the story was reveal…

Kristin Chenoweth Is a Real Fairy Godmother

In case you haven't heard, yesterday was a big day for princess fans. Yes, it was the International Day of the Girl , but it was also announced that Broadway idol  Kristin Chenoweth  is going to star in an upcoming ABC series entitled The Real Fairy Godmother . Judging from the description, the show will be just as magical it sounds. Kristin is going to star as a "self-absorbed 'real housewife' who learns that she's descended from a secret order of Fairy Godmothers and has an inescapable destiny to use her powers to help those in need." Is anyone else getting True Blood faery princess vibes from this description? Just like Sookie, Kristin's character will learn that she is descended from a magical race and receive powers that she doesn't want but has a responsibility to use because of her birthright. However, this story appears to go much deeper than that. Kristin must not only deal with her unwanted powers, but she must also use them to better hersel

The Return of Emma Swan

After a disastrous season premiere, the producers of Once Upon a Time decided to cash in right away on the one episode that Jennifer Morrison was contracted to come back for. Unfortunately, that means they've already used up their carrot dangling on a string to keep older fans watching. I'm glad I was able to see her return as Emma now rather than suffer through countless expository episodes that rehash old plots from earlier seasons. However, I can't say I thought this was a particularly interesting, exciting, or heartfelt episode. It seemed as if it revolved entirely around explaining the changes in the actors' contracts. While they could have done that in the premiere, they were too busy patting themselves on the back for successfully recreating the show's pilot with new actors.

In "A Pirate's Life," there were way too many the convenient story decisions that were obviously written for the sake of explaining why certain characters were still in the…

Dyesebel Is the Best Mermaid Princess Show You've Never Seen

In 2008, the Philippines released a mermaid princess telenovela that was based on a popular graphic novel by Mars Ravelo in 1952. Dyesebel is loosely based on the story of "The Little Mermaid" with a few distinct differences. It was Dyesebel's mother, Queen Lucia, who first fell in love with a human and left the underwater world of Sirenea to be with him, sacrificing her memories of her life as a mermaid in the process. Dyesebel was born on land, but because of her tail, her mother returned her to the sea, entrusting her to her best friend, Banak, to raise her. Her human father, Tino, was murdered by humans who believed that mermaids were bad luck. Unaware of the circumstances of her birth, Dyesebel grew up curious about the human world until one day, she fell in love with a human and was doomed to follow in her mother's footsteps. The 2008 adaptation of Dyesebel is performed in the native Filipino language Tagalog, but I was about to watch it with English subtitles …

Princesses on Dancing with the Stars

If you're not familiar with Dancing with the Stars, it is star-studded dance competition show on ABC that is already in its 25th season. Is anyone starting to feel old? I am not a regular viewer of the show, as I do not like reality shows or competitions, but I do enjoy their Disney Night. Once a year, all of the couples dress up in Disney costumes and dance to various dance remixes of Disney songs, complete with sets and props. Since ABC is owned by Disney, they go all out with these dance numbers, making the performances as entertaining as a scene from a Broadway play. This year's Disney Night, which contained three princess songs, was definitely not my favorite. Here is a summary of this year's Dancing with the Stars princess highlights from the perspective of someone who knows nothing about dance and doesn't like competition.

First up are Vanessa Lachey and Maksin Chmerkovksy performing a French waltz of "Someday My Princess Will Come" from Snow White and…

Princesses in Tír Na nÓg

Tír Na nÓg is a land of eternal youth that originates from Celtic mythology. It is often associated with faeries because they are also common in Celtic myths. The most common story of Tír Na nÓg is about a beautiful woman named Niamh who fell in love with Oisín, the son of the leader of the Fianna clan on Earth. She took him back to her homeland of Tír Na nÓg where no one ever aged. They lived happily together there for three years. One day, he decided that he missed his family and wanted to visit them. Niamh sent him back to Earth on her enchanted white horse, but warned him never to touch the ground. Upon returning home, Oisín realized that 300 years had passed on Earth during the short time he spent in Tír Na nÓg, and everyone he loved was dead. When he inevitably touched the ground by accident, the 300 years caught up with his body, and he died of old age. This myth has rarely been touched upon by modern media, but the land of Tír Na nÓg occasionally does appear in fantasy stories…

Tiana Is Too Awesome for Once Upon a Time

By now, I've made my feelings about this season of Once Upon a Time pretty clear. Frankly, the show should have ended last season. Tonight's episode introduced its first incarnation of one of my favorite princesses, Tiana, so now I'd like to share a few more thoughts. Ever since The Princess and the Frog was released in 2009, Tiana has been incredibly inspirational to me. She taught me that living like a princess does not mean simply expecting things to work out on their own. If you want something, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Tiana stood out from the Disney Princesses in many ways. She was the first black princess, the first American princess, and the first princess from the 20th century. There are so many things that make her awesome. That's why the first image that was released of her in Once Upon a Time, looking all gussied up in her gown and tiara just like any other generic princess was somewhat disheartening. Thankfully, first imp…

Rumbelle's "Happy Ending"

Rumpelstiltskin and Belle, known to fans as "Rumbelle," are by far the most complex couple on Once Upon a Time. Taking great liberties on the classic "Beauty and the Beast" story, their relationship was introduced in the episode "Skin Deep" in the first season. In "Skin Deep," Belle agrees to become a live-in maid for Rumpelstiltskin in exchange for him using his powers as the Dark One to protect her kingdom during a war. During the time that she spends with him, she sees his softer side and nearly saves him from being the Dark One using the power of true love's kiss. However, Rumpel's love for power is equal to his love for Belle, and so he refuses to let her break his curse. Ever since then, they have suffered through a rocky relationship full of lies and deceit all so that he could maintain both his power and his true love. In the midst of the chaos, the two were married in the third season finale, followed up with numerous break-ups …

One Hundred Princesses for My 100th Post

Today is a major accomplishment for me. I started this blog 100 days ago, and I've managed to write a new post in it every day since then. Some of the topics were easier to come up with than others. I also had to go back and edit some after the fact due to poor proofreading. Speaking of which, I'm really sorry about the disastrous short story from my first Story Saturday post. The whole thing was written on my phone on the way to a Mermaid Art Show event in San Diego, so I was a little distracted. I promise to put more effort into future Story Saturdays, which should be easier now that I will no longer be writing new posts every day. Don't worry, though. I will still keep everyone informed of the latest princess news and review all the new princess movies and specials. Without further ado, in celebration of my 100th post, here is a list of 100 princesses with all of the posts I've made about them (in no particular order). Thank you so much for reading my blog. 1-11: T…

Once Upon a Time Tackles Rapunzel (again)

Before I begin, I'd like to wish a very happy birthday to my favorite Disney Princess: Ariel! Can you believe it? Disney's The Little Mermaid was released 28 years ago today. ABC's Once Upon a Time tried to conquer Ariel's story in their second season, but they failed to capture the essence of the character due to a sloppy attempt to shoehorn Snow White and Regina into the plot. Today, the show took another shot at the story of Rapunzel. Their first attempt was practically a cameo, featuring a brief sequence in which Rapunzel's long hair was revealed to be a metaphor for her fear of taking the throne. It came off just as impractical in practice as it did in theory. I wanted to stop ranting about Once Upon a Time here after the Rumbelle disaster from three weeks ago, but they seem to continue fueling the fire, so here we go again. Beware that there are spoilers below the image, so if you haven't seen tonight's episode yet, I suggest coming back and reading t…

Final Thoughts on the CW's Reign

Last summer, the CW Network aired the final episode of their historical drama, Reign. Not being a fan of history, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the show due to its constantly dancing on the line between fantasy and reality, not to mention the gorgeous costumes. Right after the series ended, I wrote a long Facebook post summarizing my thoughts on the show as a whole. Unfortunately, due to Facebook placing long posts behind a cut and the show's general lack of popularity, very few people actually read it. It was recently suggested that I repost my review here in case any fans of the 2013 drama were interested in hearing my thoughts. Below the image is my unedited review that I wrote on June 16, 2017. I hope you enjoy it!

The evolution of Reign was very interesting because each season had a different overall tone. By the end, it was a very different show than what it started out as. The first episode showed a queen being brought up in a convent, completely cut off from the re…

Rejoice! Once Upon a Time Is Finally Ending!

Let me tell you a story. Seven years ago, I attended the world famous fan convention San Diego Comic-Con for the first time. I had just moved to California, and I finally had access to this magical heaven of geekdom. As I eagerly perused the event list to figure out what I would do first, I found a panel for an upcoming series about fairy tale characters living in the real world called Once Upon a Time. I knew right away that this was the panel for me. It was held in a small room, and getting in was easy since no one had heard of it yet. I even had the opportunity to ask the creators a question after their presentation. At the panel, they aired the entire 40-minute pilot three months before anyone else would watch it on TV. I was so proud to be one of the first people to see it. The main character, Emma Swan, who happened to be the daughter of Snow White, blew me away with her inner strength and insecurity. All I could think about was how grateful I felt to be alive during a time when…

Goodbye, Storybrooke

Well, that's a wrap. Once Upon a Time is finally over for good. Though the majority of the finale and new season was underwhelming at best, I couldn't help but feel a bit nostalgic by the final scene as the camera dramatically panned out from the half real, half CGI town of Storybrooke. I didn't start this blog until the show was already starting its final season so my opinion toward it in the context of The Princess Blog probably comes off as somewhat negative. When this season started, I had some strong opinions about the way it introduced its new princesses such as Rapunzel and Tiana as well as the way it concluded the stories for its old ones such as Emma and Belle. Eventually, my rants stopped as the series tapered off into a slow build-up to the final episode. Was it the perfect send-off? No, but it was the best they could do with the convoluted multiverse that was formed over years of drawn out story arcs.

The series finale called "Leaving Storybrooke" too…

Breathtakingly Tranquil Princess Environments

A common misconception among princess haters is that princesses and the people who admire them are selfish and greedy because they live in a castle and have enough money to get anything they want. True fans know that this isn't the case. Princesses from fantasy worlds are portrayed as kind and selfless and often want to escape the confines of their castle or tower. This desire for freedom often brings them to the most beautiful secluded environments of peace and serenity. Disney's 1959 animated classic Sleeping Beauty set the standards for this with its gorgeous anamorphic background paintings of rectangular trees and woodland creatures who feel right at home alongside the lovely Briar Rose, who embraces the tranquility of her little cottage in the woods. Since then, princesses have often been associated with flowers and nature as a reflection of their own natural beauty and innocence.

Recently, I discovered a Chinese drama on Netflix called Ashes of Love that brilliantly port…

Behind the Scenes at the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Finale Concert

Tomorrow night is the series finale of one of my favorite TV shows, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. At surface level, this show might seem to have nothing to do with princess culture, but it is actually a deconstruction of many of the less empowering tropes introduced in some older princess movies and romantic comedies while still embracing the traits of these passionate women that we can all connect with. The show features several princess-inspired music numbers as well as a made-up Disney Princess movie called Slumbered that the main character, Rebecca, supposedly grew up with. Series star and co-creator Rachel Bloom does everything for her fans just like a real-life princess would. That's why the series finale tomorrow night will be followed by a concert special that Rachel cordially invited all her fans in the Los Angeles area to attend as audience members. I just happened to be one of those lucky fans.

As you can see, this event was more than just a concert. Even though many people arri…

Princess Brea's Journey in Age of Resistance

The Jim Henson Company is no stranger to princesses. There have been a number of fairy tale specials featuring princesses alongside his famous Muppet characters. However, the princesses in these specials are usually human women interacting with puppets. The reason for this is probably that princesses are generally perceived as elegant graceful women, while puppets tend to be used for comic relief. That was not the case, however, in Jim Henson's 1982 classic film The Dark Crystal. This movie created a much darker and more serious take on the original puppetry style of storytelling he became famous for in an epic fantasy setting. This weekend, Netflix premiered its Dark Crystal spin-off series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, which marks the first time that I have ever seen the Jim Henson Company use puppets to portray fantasy princess characters.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance contains three princess sisters named Seladon, Tavra, and Brea. Each one wears a different colore…

Review: The Little Mermaid Live!

I can't believe this day finally came! My favorite movie was broadcast on television in front of a studio audience with live-action performers and Broadway-style sets and costumes. The Little Mermaid Live! special was a long time coming. It was supposed to happen in 2017, but it got postponed, leaving only my memories of seeing it performed at the Hollywood Bowl without the fancy costumes or sets. Now that the television production finally happened for real, I am pleased to say that they did it right. The transitions between the animated film and the live-action performances were on point, the songs were entertaining, and the spectacle was pure Disney magic. Of course, nothing is completely perfect, not even The Little Mermaid Live!

The special was introduced by the one and only Jodi Benson, who hosted the movie's 30th-anniversary panel at the D23 Expo earlier this year. It seems like every time there's a Little Mermaid event, Jodi is there to celebrate her love of the cha…

Princess Shows to Binge in Your Tower

If the recent pandemic has you begging Mother Gothel to tell you why you can't go outside, you're not alone. Sometimes watching your favorite 90-minute princess movie just isn't enough to pass away the hours and weeks you must spend locked in your tower. That's why I've compiled a list of some of the best princess shows that are available to watch right now on Netflix, Disney+, or online. Like my 100 princesses post, this list is in no particular order and is staggered between animation and live-action so you won't skip over a genre you're less interested in and take away your chance to discover something new. You've probably read about most of these shows on my blog already, so now is a great time to check them out in full if you didn't get have the time to earlier. I will also include links to my original reviews for shows that have them. Happy tower binging!
Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders
Where to watch: The Jewel Riders Archive channel …

Find Me in Paris Is the Ultimate Ballerina Princess Escapist Fantasy!

In 2002, the anime series Princess Tutu combined fairy tales and ballet by introducing a magical girl who was a ballerina princess. In actuality, the main character was neither a ballerina nor a princess but is, in fact, a duck who transforms into one. For some of us, this concept was a bit too out there to wrap our heads around, so I'm grateful that in 2018, the French/German production studio, Cottonwood Media, created a series about an actual ballerina princess called Find Me in Paris. This live-action fantasy drama was recommended by one of my readers and currently has two seasons out on Hulu with a third one on the way. I perused all 52 episodes in three days and am now fully prepared to explain why it is the perfect princess series to binge in your tower.

Find Me in Paris begins with a subtle throwback to Anastasia in which a Russian Princess from the year 1905 named Lena Grisky mysteriously disappears after her boyfriend gives her a magical piece of jewelry. She wakes up in …

Review: The Great

There's one more month before the third season of Find Me in Paris drops on Hulu. While you're waiting, a good alternative for your royal escapist needs is the Hulu original series The Great. This new historical drama follows in the footsteps of the CW's Reign by presenting a vaguely fictionalized account of a real-life female monarch, Catherine the Great. Since it was created exclusively for Hulu, the show contains some mature content that could not have aired on network television and is therefore not appropriate for children. Though some of this content can be mildly disturbing or violent, the series treats itself primarily as a light-hearted comedy, which is something we can all use after the hardships that this year has brought us.

You may want to study up a little on Catherine the Great before streaming this show, but it's not required reading. The Great was created more for the purposes of entertainment than education, so those of us who are not well versed in Ru…

Find Me in Paris Has Its Last Dance

Only one month after my recent obsession with Find Me in Paris, the time-traveling ballerina princess drama dropped its third and final season on Hulu today. Though somewhat predictable, this season offered a satisfying conclusion to the show's unique concept that combined dance with science fiction and tied up all remaining loose ends from the previous seasons. We finally learned the truth about Lena's birth and why she's always being chased by anyone remotely interested in time travel. Nearly every character got paired off at the end, even if it meant some questionable decisions on behalf of the writers. The season also offered some of the most beautiful dance sequences in the show yet for its key story moments. While I could have done without the repetitive recap sequences, the final episodes made it clear that this was always meant to be the end and gave the cast and crew many happy memories to look back upon. The final season of Find Me in Paris incorporated the "…

Travel Through Time with These Female-Driven Historical Dramas

Believe it or not, History was one of my least favorite classes in school. I hated learning about wars and conquerors and men who made boring tax laws. Yet, without history, we wouldn't have princesses to weave into the fairy tales we tell today. Due to being home a lot with nothing to do, I spent the last few weeks binging historical dramas that focused on important female figures. I found that they were far more interesting to me than the things I learned about in school. These shows have gorgeous eye candy as well. The character dress in extravagant gowns that you would never see in modern culture. As a companion piece to my "Princess Shows to Binge in Your Tower" post, I thought it would be interesting to put all the historical dramas I've watched into chronological order to create a clearer picture of how women in power have evolved over time. Some of these are a bit of a stretch since the educational value doesn't always trump the entertainment value. Time …

Dancing with the Stars Has Its Most Magical Disney Night Yet!

Once a year, ABC's hit series Dancing with the Stars has a night where the performers cosplay as Disney characters and dance to strategically chosen Disney songs. I've been following "Disney Night" ever since I started my blog, and I've been very impressed with the array of talent and artistry that goes into each performance. When I learned that Monday night was this year's big episode, I thought there was no way they could top the incredible dance numbers they already gave us in previous years. I was wrong. Nearly every performance involved a Disney princess costume or song, and each one was more spectacular than the last. I was blown away by the glamorous costumes and array of musical talent among this year's competitors.They covered songs from both old and new Disney classics with unique twists added to the timeless numbers by remixing them to different styles of dance.
The evening kicked off with the signature songs from two of my favorite Disney movie…

Review: The Spanish Princess/White Queen Trilogy

Yesterday, the Starz network  released the series finale of The Spanish Princess , concluding  The White Queen  trilogy of miniseries that began in 2013. Based on a book series called The Cousins' War  by Phillippa Gregory , the trilogy covers the women who stood behind the men in power in the English monarchy from 1464 to the 1530s, preceding the first sovereign queen, Elizabeth, in 1558. The White Queen , The White Princess , and The Spanish Princess  grant us a rare opportunity to see what life was like for medieval monarchs. Watching them reminded me of why I prefer the fairy tale versions of royalty. Those stories do not contain the gory deaths, gruesome births, and invasive politics that historical dramatizations like these exemplify. In fact, I had very little interest in watching the second season of The Spanish Princess until I watched some historical videos and learned that the king that Catherine of Aragon was married to was none other than King Henry VIII, who was famo

Netflix, Are You Kidding Me Right Now with This Winx Reboot?

It's official. Hollywood is dead . If the Mulan  remake wasn't bad enough, even our non-Disney childhood favorites are being turned into gritty soulless live-action shadows of their former selves. Remember when things like this used to be a joke? Those days are over. Now we have hyper-realistic Riverdale spinoffs that aren't actually realistic because they feature teenagers with superpowers. They are just realistic enough that all of the whimsical fantasy elements that we loved as kids are now gone, but not so realistic that they are beyond things like vampires, werewolves, or seances. What sort of world are we living in when a show about faery princesses  does not even portray its fairies with wings? I suppose you can argue that maybe they didn't want to reveal the wings in the trailer, but isn't that the entire point of Winx Club ? See for yourself. Does this look the Winx you remember? So yeah, this is Fate: The Winx Saga , which is coming to Netflix on Januar

Review: Bridgerton

Bridgerton was a surprise for me this month. I was unfamiliar with the Julia Quinn historical romance novels or the development of the  eight-episode series on Netflix . Due to my fascination with princess fashion , this series was an easy sell. Like Reign , the show is bursting with colorful visuals of noble women dancing in glittering gowns and tiaras. It was a feast for the eyes with regal ladies, handsome lords, and bright colors reminiscent of gardens in springtime. The Regency era was a period of excessive romance and courting, which gives it the feel of a classic Disney Princess universe. The well-earned mature rating on the series, however, is not reminiscent of Disney at all. Like most direct-to-streaming live-action shows , the second half of Bridgerton has an abundance of mature content that is not appropriate for minors. Daphne is essentially the princess of the Bridgerton family. She is a noble lady , but she fits all the tropes of a Disney Princess. She is innocent, kind

Fate on Netflix Is the Anti-Winx Saga!

"I'm just kinda bummed I didn't see a single pair of wings" is the final line in Netflix's preview trailer for Fate: The Winx Saga . It's probably no coincidence that her statement was every fan's reaction to the initial trailer for the show . Its TV-MA rating is a clear indicator that its target audience is very different from the sparkly animated Winx Club series from 2004 , which happens to be the year Bloom says she was born. This bland live-action remake makes us wish we could go back to that time period when film and television still had original ideas . The constant references to sex and drugs feel superficial and forced into the script to get the desired rating on Netflix, unlike something like Bridgerton , which has a plot that revolves directly around its characters' sex lives. When all is said and done, the first six episodes of Fate: The Winx Saga are a complete insult to everything that the Winx Club series stood for. Fate's supernatur

Is Once Upon a Time Getting Rebooted?

In late 2019, ABC greenlit a new romance drama  produced by  Eddy Kitsis  and  Adam Horowitz  about Disney and fairy tale characters living in an enchanted forest. If that sounds familiar to you, that's because it is the exact formula that was used to create the 2011 ABC drama, Once Upon a Time , and by the same producers, no less. Once Upon a Time's seventh season was treated as a reboot of sorts and was, in many people's opinion, when the Disney-owned fairy tale drama finally jumped the shark . Why, then, would they think it's a good idea to do it all over again? Disney's  behavior in recent years  shows a dearth of creativity, as does  Hollywood in general , so it isn't all that surprising that they would want to recreate a show that already has a fanbase, just as they've been tirelessly recreating their classic movies . However, the question remains that just because they can, does that mean they should? From an objective standpoint, Once Upon a Time wa

How WandaVision Encapsulates the Disney Princess Dream

WandaVision may seem like an unusual topic for a princess blog since it is a Marvel superhero show ( featuring an unusual couple ), but I have been in love with this show for the past few months and would argue that it has more in common with what the Disney Princess brand used to represent  than many recent Disney Princess movies . In fact, Wanda Maximoff acts more like a Disney Princess than the last original princess who graced the screen exclusively for  Disney+ .  Secret Society of Second-Born Royals  was Disney's attempt to combine their princess and superhero genres by introducing a world of superpowered royals. They missed the mark with Sam, who hated being a princess and just wanted to play punk rock music and fight bad guys, kind of like Raya from Raya and the Last Dragon , which also premiered today on Disney+. Wanda is a refreshing return to an older archetype that is almost never featured anymore of a troubled but well-meaning young woman who wants to live happily eve

World Princess Week Wraps Up with Disney Princess Remix Special!

If you haven't heard the news, Disney is celebrating its princesses all year long with the Ultimate Princess Celebration . They took things a step further this week with the first ever World Princess Week, a week-long celebration dripping with princess merchandise, videos, specials, and music. Disney is a master of grand finales, so the festivities conclude today with a 30-minute special called Disney Princess Remixed: An Ultimate Princess Celebration airing on Disney Channel at 7:30PM PT/ET. The special is available to watch right now on both the Disney Now and Disney Plus apps. It consists of four remixed Disney Princess songs performed by teen Disney Channel stars and ends with the premiere of the official music video for the newest Disney Princess anthem, "Starting Now." Even if you're not a fan modernized Disney remakes , there were still plenty of fun princess things released this week to brighten our day. My favorite aspect of the Ultimate Princess Celebrat

Thoughts on WandaVision and the Multiverse of Madness

It's been a little over a year since the tragic ending of WandaVision , which presented some of the classic Disney Princess archetypes in an innovative and contemporary way . Ever since it ended, Disney has teased that the conclusion of Wanda Maximoff's story would be revealed in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness , which was released in theaters last weekend. I enjoyed this movie, but I will not be giving it a full review. Instead, I would like to open up yet another discussion about the direction the media is going with female characters in modern times . As the Disney Princess genre pushes more in the direction of superhero films with characters like Raya  and Elsa , Disney doesn't know what to do with those who exhibit traits of classic Disney Princesses like Snow White . Right now, the best solution they have is turning them into villains  like they did with the title character in Cruella  last year. I am under no delusion that the Scarlet Witch is not suppos

No One Asked for Another Cinderella, but Here We Are

There is no fairy tale that has been retold as many times as "Cinderella."  With a new jukebox musical on Amazon Prime  and West End stage show from Andrew Lloyd Webber , the story has no shortage of modern-day retellings. That's why I couldn't bring myself to get excited when I heard that Jennifer Lopez is developing a limited series  based on Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella  with Skydance Television  and Concord Originals . This version alone has had three made-for television films and a 2013 Broadway revival starring Broadway Princess Party 's Laura Osnes . Can you blame me for not feeling at least a little skeptical of yet another version of this rags-to-riches classic that the media has shoved down our throats for years? What's even more concerning about the announcement is that it is not another feature-length film, but instead a limited series with multiple episodes written by Rachel Shukert , who worked on Netflix series GLOW and The Baby-Sit

Is the New Princess Content on Disney+ Worth Watching?

While we wait with bated breath for the live-action remake  of Chip'n'Dale: Rescue Rangers  this Friday, Disney+  dropped two lower-profile releases last Wednesday. Though not exactly the next Disney Princess films, the new musical,  Sneakerella , and the fantasy reality series,  The Quest , both contain princess elements to some extent. While I didn't exactly have high hopes for Sneakerella , I was expecting it to be more entertaining than a washed up reality show. It turns out I was completely wrong. Before I begin breaking these down, I have to give them both props for originality. In an era of sequels and remakes , it's impressive for Disney to give us a fresh take on anything at all, and both offerings provide unique versions of entertainment that are unlike anything we've seen before. A fantasy reality series sounds like an oxymoron when so many reality shows are already scripted to an extent. I was expecting The Quest to be more like a recording of a group of

Beauty and the Beast Live Is Coming!

Even though The Little Mermaid Live!  received quite a bit of what I believe to be undeserved criticism, Disney has decided to try the live treatment again with the next chronological princess movie, Beauty and the Beast . Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration was just announced  to air on Thursday, December 15th at 8PM EST on ABC in honor of the film's 30th anniversary, which was actually last year. The special will likely be presented in the same way as its predecessor with a live screening of the film in a packed theater as a yet-to-be-announced cast of actors will come out in costume to perform each song in person. Like The Little Mermaid , this format was already presented to an audience at the Hollywood Bowl in 2018  where actress Zooey Deschanel  starred as Belle. Who would be your dream casting for this new televised take on the concert? What I preferred about the televised version of The Little Mermaid  to the one at the Hollywood Bowl is that it was filmed at indoor th

Disney Is Celebrating World Princess Week with a Reunion of 1997's Cinderella!

The prince is giving a ball... again! When Disney announced their Ultimate Princess Celebration last year , I was under the impression that it would be a year-long event culminating in World Princess Week , when they aired the mediocre Disney Princess Remix special on Disney Channel . Instead, it looks like the event will be ongoing until they can find a new way to keep their Disney Princess brand relevant . That means World Princess Week is back for another round! It will take place next week from August 21st through August 27th. Instead of a teenybopper remix of princess classics, however, Disney is doing something a little different this year. Their primary television network, ABC , will air a 25th anniversary reunion special of the 1997 production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella  on their news show,  20/20 , followed by a presentation of the film, airing live for the first time since it debuted on The Wonderful World of Disney. This is a particularly appropriate time

The Cinderella 1997 Reunion Wasn't What I Expected

When I learned that 20/20 was having a reunion of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella  from 1997 to celebrate World Princess Week , I was expecting a journalist like Barbara Walters  to show up in a big room with the cast and lead a discussion about their memories of shooting together and what they've been up to since then. What I got instead was a mash-up of individual interviews from various people involved with the film from the past and present day talking for an hour about what a great movie it was. Don't get me wrong; it was  great, but that isn't what comes to mind when I hear "reunion." Not only was there never more than one person on camera at a time, but there was also no host to introduce and close out the special. If someone tuned in without knowing anything about it, they would have no idea what they were watching. The biggest highlight for me wasn't even part of the special. It was a clip of Brandy giving a live performance of  "Start

The Other Kingdom Is the Best Fairy Princess Sitcom You've Never Seen!

The Other Kingdom  was a 2016 Nickelodeon sitcom that I learned about far too late . The final seconds of the show introduce a massive plot twist that promise a more compelling and story-rich second season that was sadly never mad. It's rare for such a strong fantasy world to exist in a sitcom and even rarer for a story about a faery princess  to live on Nickelodeon  instead of Disney Channel. The series gives off strong Sabrina the Teenage Witch  vibes, except that instead of an ordinary girl learning that she's magical, it's about a magical girl pretending to be ordinary. It builds upon faerie lore that is heavily inspired by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream    right down to the main character being the daughter of King Oberon and Queen Titania. There are many other easter eggs to the play peppered throughout the show as well for observant viewers. The Other Kingdom starts out similarly to "The Little Mermaid."  Princess Astral is a faery princes

Review: Beauty and the Beast - A 30th Celebration

Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration  is finally here, and there's a lot to explore. I had been anticipating this production  since it was announced last summer. At the time, it sounded like it would be filmed live like  2019's The Little Mermaid Live! , but it was apparently pre-recorded with a similar format. Both productions played a choppy version of the animated classic that was intercut with Broadway-style  performances. The biggest difference is that Beauty and the Beast  paid more tribute to the original animated film by including cameos of people who worked on it, such as Paige O'Hara , the original voice of Belle, who played a librarian in the opening number, and Alan Menken , the composer, who was seen playing the piano in the background in multiple scenes. Broadway veteran Rita Moreno  hosted with tidbits about the original movie while pencil sketches and behind-the-scenes footage were presented in between commercial breaks. The live performances were a tad

Fantasy Island Tackles the Princess Dream

Fantasy Island  is a recent remake of an older show  that I wasn't really familiar with before last night's episode entitled "Gwenivere of Glendale."  Besides including a name that's one letter off from the spelling of one of my favorite cartoon princesses , the episode's plot was also right up my alley. The series is a story of anthologies about people who come to a magical island that grants them a wish for a day that helps them to learn something new about themselves. It seemed pretty obvious that it was based on an older property closer to The Twilight Zone era since few modern original shows follow a concept like that. In this episode, the main character, Gwen, came to Fantasy Island with a wish to be--you guessed it--a princess. I really liked the way this episode handled the princess wish by exploring the positive and negative aspects of living in a fairy tale. With the island's heavy-handed lessons for its guests, they could have easily gone in a


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