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Get Ready for a Mermaid-Filled Summer!

The mermaids have arrived! It's been a slow and painful wait, but the first trailer has finally dropped for the highly anticipated Mermaid Magic animated series . Rainbow SpA 's foray into the underwater world is set to premiere on Netflix August 22nd. The show gives off strong H2O: Just Add Water vibes with the three heroines transforming into humans on dry land and mermaids in the water.  H2O's attempt at its own animated series  left much to be desired, allowing this show to kick it up a notch for mermaid fans everywhere to enjoy more exciting animated mermaid adventures. The teaser was launched alongside additional previews of another upcoming mermaid show,  Disney Junior's Ariel , an original take on the classic character. Ariel has a series of ten recently released shorts called Mermaid Tales that give us a taste of what's to come. If you're more of a bookish type  (and who can blame you?), there's also a great new mermaid story out on Wattpad! The

Review: Frozen The Musical

It was inevitable that Disney's biggest cash cow of the last decade or so would get a Broadway run . Almost all of their biggest hits have now toured on Broadway at some point and were followed by  live-action remakes . Though I was excited to see the movie when it came out, I've always thought Disney's  Frozen   was overrated . So when it made its  Broadway debut  back in 2018, I was not particularly eager to see it. Its Disneyland counterpart,  Frozen Live at the Hyperion , relied mostly on screens to tell the story and did not encompass a fulfilling experience onstage. As a result, I was pleasantly surprised to find that while the Broadway version also uses screens to create the full effect of its snowy landscapes, it has some lovely set pieces and entertaining musical numbers, and it is quite possibly Disney's best Broadway adaptation of one of their animated features. Maybe I've been too hard on this franchise. Most Disney on Broadway shows suffer from unneces

Netflix Announces New Animated Princess Musical!

With the status of Disney's Penelope still up in the air, Skydance Media swooped in to the rescue yesterday with the announcement of a new animated princess musical coming out this year! Spellbound will be a direct-to-streaming Netflix original featuring a new princess named Ellian who goes on a quest to save her family after they get turned into monsters. Though Netflix originals tend to be hit or miss , this movie has some big names behind it that gives it the potential to surpass its theatrical competitors that are coming out the same weekend. This is the first original animated princess movie we've gotten since Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken came out a year ago, so it's pretty exciting news, especially considering that Disney's big holiday princess fare this year is a sequel and not an original story. Get ready to learn about creative team behind Spellbound ! The movie is begin directed by Vicky Jenson who worked on Shrek . The talent behind Princess Ellian is

Review: To Break a Silence

My final read of MerMay  and first book of #fairytalesummer  is To Break a Silence  by Lydia Mae , a retelling of "The Little Mermaid"  from the  Shattered Tales series . I was a little skeptical about reading another book from a series whose premise revolves around trying to "fix" fairy tales that I never thought were broken in the first place. However, this book turned out to be a worthwhile read. It's a more literal interpretation of the story than  My Fair Mermaid , which I also enjoyed. The main thing it changes is that it provides a new option that doesn't require the mermaid protagonist to either marry the prince she rescued or sacrifice herself. The idea of an alternate romantic interest has been done before in books like  The Jinni Key  and  Song of the Sea , but it's a little different each time, allowing each endearing love story to unfold in unexpected ways. Stella is a siren who is not supposed to be seen by humans. Dillon is the son of an a