Story Saturday

Story Saturday: "A Sister's Love"

Now that I'm getting close to my 100th post, after which I'm going to stop updating every day, I'd like to try something new. Every Saturday, I will try to come up with a new short story about a princess and share it here. My first one is called "A Sister's Love." Please let me know in the comments if you enjoyed it and if you would like to see more weekly stories from me.

"A Sister's Love" Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in peril. The invading conquerors were dangerously close to taking the throne from the rightful king and queen. To protect her only daughter, the queen entrusted the baby girl to her favorite handmaiden, a sweet elderly spinster named Janella.
"Take her far away from the danger, and tell no one who she really is, not even her, until she's ready," said the queen.
Janella always longed for a daughter, but such a dream proved impossible for the life of a handmaiden. Perhaps that is why she kept Princess Lucinda…

Story Saturday: "The Unicorn Princess"

"The Unicorn Princess" Once upon a time, there was a lovely young girl who lived in the middle of the woods. She had no family that she knew of. Though there were no other humans for miles, she had the unique ability to communicate with animals. The creatures in the forest were her only companions, but for her, they were enough. She never felt lonely or scared. When she was cold, she would sing a strange lullaby and beautiful clothes would appear before her to keep her warm. When she was hungry, she would sing a different song, and fresh food would appear. The birds taught her to sing, though her song was foreign to them. The older the maiden got, the more powerful her song became. Soon, she possessed the ability to heal dead plants and trees and sprout new life all around her with the sound of her voice.
When she turned sixteen, word spread of the girl's miraculous abilities. Many brave knights journeyed through the woods to find her so that she could use her magical v…

Story Saturday: "The Bluebird"

"The Bluebird" Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess whose parents loved her so much that they gave her everything her little heart desired. Yet, material things did not seem to satisfy her. The only thing the princess truly wanted was a companion. She had the palace staff to converse with from time to time, but they would never have a real conversation with her for fear of taking the child's innocence about the world and angering the queen and king. So, the princess went out into the village in search of a friend. She saw no need for a disguise, as she was given a royal escort. Thus, everyone in the village knew that she was the princess and acted accordingly.
As the princess wandered the streets in her glittering gown, she noticed one girl who appeared to be around the same age as her, who did not curtsy or seek out her attention. The girl admired the princess's fine clothes and jewels from a distance. When the princess asked her why she acted so differ…

Story Saturday: "Princess Godmother"

"Princess Godmother" Once upon a time, Princess Julia found herself in a hopeless situation. A greedy soldier from an enemy kingdom had kidnapped her while she was asleep and locked her in his kingdom's dungeon. She knew she had to escape. What she didn't know was how. Her arms and legs were shackled to the wall, and she hadn't eaten in days. Her tattered nightgown would have made it difficult for anyone to believe she was a princess even if she did find a way to escape. She refused to tell her captors anything about her father's armies or plans to defeat them, for she knew they needed her alive so they could continue to use her as collateral to control her father. Her captors did not seem all that smart to her. If she could only free herself from these shackles, she knew she could find a way to escape.
Meanwhile, in the realm of magic, Florindia, Princess Julia's Fairy Godmother was also hard at work trying to figure out a way for her escape. She cursed…

Story Saturday: "The Mountain and the Knight"

"The Mountain and the Knight" Once upon a time, there was a brave prince who loved to be challenged. He had slain dragons, rescued damsels, and defeated witches. Legends of his achievements had spread far and wide. One day, the prince heard rumors of a mountain that was so perilous, no man had ever climbed it and lived to tell the tale. Soon, the prince was filled with determination to climb the fabled mountain and return to spread hope to his people that anything is possible. The king and queen advised him against this, for he was the only heir to the throne. They warned him that if he shared the same fate as the others who climbed the mountain, the kingdom would one day be left without a ruler. The prince was so confident in his abilities that he ignored their warnings and snuck off to the mountain in the middle of the night when his guards were asleep.
The path up the mountain was indeed perilous, full of monsters and traps. One wrong step and the brave prince would have…

Story Saturday: "The Dragon and the Runt"

"The Dragon and the Runt" Once upon a time, there was a powerful dragon guarding a great treasure. The dragon surrounded herself with glittering gold and adorned her scales with jewels that sparkled in every color of the rainbow. She loved her treasure so much that she would scare away anyone who dared to come near it by breathing blazing hot blasts of flames at them. Legends of her vast riches spread throughout the land, but only the bravest of knights would ever dare to face her and risk their lives over such a reward.
In a kingdom not too far, three brothers lived in a village with their ailing mother who was too weak to provide for them. Their father had passed away in a war. She begged her three sons to find a way to support their family before they lost everything. Two of the brothers were strong and capable but hated working. The third, who was willing to do anything to help his mother but was not strong enough to perform hard labor, was considered the runt of the fa…

Story Saturday: "An Ordinary Life"

"An Ordinary Life" Once upon a time, there was a princess who was very sad. Though she had everything her heart desired, her parents had both been struck with the same illness. The greatest physicians in the land had tried everything they could to treat them, but all attempts proved fruitless. It seemed that only magic could help them now. The princess knew that all the luxuries in the world could not make her happy without her parents who she loved so dearly, so she sought the aid the aid of a witch. She knew that witches were dangerous, but she was willing to do whatever it took to help her dear parents.
"How much are you willing to sacrifice in order to save them?" asked the witch.
"I would give up everything I have and everything I am if it means my parents could live another day," said the princess.
The witch found her answer acceptable. She mixed some potions in a cauldron and said some magic words. Then she gave the princess a glowing vial and tol…

Story Saturday: "The Mirror"

"The Mirror" Once upon a time, there was an ordinary girl in high school named Alexis who was very unhappy with her life. She felt as if she would never amount to anything and that nobody wanted to be friends with her. The other kids she went to school with liked to throw wads of paper in her thick frizzy hair and tripped her in the hallways. Every day, she wished that her life could be different, dreaming of the words that she read about in books and saw in movies. If she could be like the princesses she read about in fairy tales and go on real adventures, then she would be truly happy.
One day, she was walking to the bus stop when a piece of paper blew toward her and landed on the ground. It was a flyer for a new virtual reality experience called "The Mirror." It advertised that the experience would allow its players to live in a world of dreams where all of their fantasies would become reality. She could hardly believe her eyes. This was exactly what she had wa…

Story Saturday: "The Princess Contest"

Once upon a time, Jacob and Elnora were in love. There was only one thing preventing them from living in perfect bliss. Jacob's parents, the king and queen, were determined to grow their kingdom. To do that, he would need to marry a princess. Elnora was not a princess. Though that meant she could never meet Jacob's parents, their minor differences were still not enough to keep them apart. They would regularly sneak off to a small glen that was accessible through a secret passage just outside the palace to play hide and seek and discuss whether or not they could have future together. To avoid suspicion, Elnora would wait until every craft she had made for her family was sold at the market, and Jacob would wait until after he finished his lessons in royal protocol for the day. Would these two star-crossed lovers ever find happiness together?

One day, Prince Jacob's parents decided to hold a contest so that they could find the perfect princess to marry their son and one day r…

Story Saturday: "The Princess Protector"

"The Princess Protector" Once upon a time, there was a frail princess whose kingdom was being invaded by a band of wicked goblins who wanted to take control of the throne. The queen and king did not want to risk losing their kingdom, so they had their royal sorcerer concoct a supply of magic dust that would instantly teleport the goblins outside the kingdom. However, the dust took a long time to make, so the two monarchs kept what little of it they had to themselves in case of an emergency. Worried for the safety of their only daughter, they had the princess locked away in a high tower where the goblins could not reach her. They entrusted her with a small pouch of the dust on the off chance that the goblins might found a way in.
From her tower window, the princess was able to see all of the peasants from her kingdom in a panic below. They were doing their best to fight against the goblins, but many were injured, and some got separated from their families in the chaos. The p…

Story Saturday: "The Princess Vlog"

"The Princess Vlog" Once upon a time, there was a lovely princess named Lisa who created a blog to keep her court informed about all of the latest princess news in the world. She had a small but loyal following. Lisa was happy with her court but always wished that there could be a way for her kingdom to grow bigger. One day, she went to visit her prince's kingdom, where her father-in-law, the king, encouraged her to start a YouTube channel to spread her message of love and kindness to the rest of the world. So, the princess used a magic wand that had been presented to her at her royal wedding to transform herself into a cartoon character. With the help of a little pixie dust, she created a video of her very first blog post.

Though she received a much smaller reception on her video than she had hoped, Lisa did receive some helpful scrolls from her royal family members overseas. She knew she couldn't do everything herself, so she asked her husband, Prince Derrick, for…

Story Saturday: "The Forgetful Princess"

"The Forgetful Princess" Once upon a time, there was a girl named Delia who woke up one morning and found that she couldn't remember anything about her life. She took the bus to school and couldn't remember which class she was in, so she wandered the halls aimlessly for few minutes.
"Are you lost?" asked a sporty-looking boy.
Delia nodded sadly. The boy directed her around the corner to where her first class was, but when she reached the door he described, she realized she had almost entered the boys' bathroom. She heard him snicker from around the corner as another group of guys came out pointing and laughing at her. Humiliated, Delia ran into the first classroom she saw and sat down at a desk.
It turned out to be a math class. The class was given a pop quiz, but Delia realized that she couldn't remember how to solve any of the equations. Later, the teacher called on her and asked her to recite the quadratic formula. She thought she knew, but she …

Story Saturday: "The Princess Trap"

"The Princess Trap" Once upon a time, there was a princess who loved two things--eating and training with the royal guards. On the rare occasions that the kingdom had a festival, the royal seamstresses would struggle to create something flattering for the princess's unusual figure, but she didn't mind. She kept herself strong and healthy by sparring with her favorite knights and even won several matches against them. Since she came from a kingdom that often went to war, her parents didn't mind that she did not meet the dainty expectations of a princess.

One day, the king and queen decided to take their daughter on a royal vacation. The kingdom had been at peace for a while, and they grew bored of the monotony. When the queen suggested the far-off island of Keye, an advisor immediately warned her that there had been many rumors of princesses traveling with their families that island over the years and never returning. This piqued the princess's interest. What had happened to all the other princ…

Story Saturday: "Mermaid's Redemption"

"Mermaid's Redemption" Once upon a time, there was a mermaid princess who fell in love with a human prince. As a royal, she had the unique ability to transform her shimmering turquoise tail into legs whenever she chose. When the prince met her, he was drawn to her delicate features and passionate demeanor. She sang sweetly to him in the language of her people, and he became hers forever, refusing to even look at the other princesses who came to court him. They were married soon after, but that is only the beginning of the story. In their many years together, the mermaid princess refused to tell her husband anything about her family or where she came from. Though he never stopped being curious, he soon learned to stop asking.
One day when the couple was taking a walk along the beach, the mermaid noticed something glittering in the water. It was a message in a bottle with a pink shell attached to it that she recognized from her home kingdom. She immediately opened it to s…


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