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Review: Time Princess - House of Horrors

The latest visual novel in Time Princess is called House of Horrors, which sounds more like a horror movie than the fairy tales and historical novels that first attracted me to the game. In fact, it has been nearly four months since Time Princess released a story about actual royalty with Cleopatra , and the teaser for their next one is set in modern times. While House of Horrors may not have been what I was hoping for, I didn't find it as scary as the title would imply. The story is very linear and unveils an intriguing mystery piece by piece with beautiful Victorian-inspired gothic clothing. I think it came out a little too soon after Ghost Manor  to feel fresh and new, but the mystery aspect made it worth a quick playthrough. House of Horrors is one of few recent visual novels in Time Princess that acknowledges the enchanted storybook the protagonist enters to receive the memories of each character she inhabits. It is relevant here because when she wakes up, she finds that s

Review: Cinders of Glass

I just finished reading an ARC of Cinders of Glass  by Celeste Baxendell , and all I can say is wow! This book drastically exceeded my expectations. Even though it is an adaptation of "Cinderella" and "The Little Match Girl,"  it was not the least bit predictable and kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen after each chapter. It had one of the most relatable shy princess  protagonists I have ever seen in fiction while thoroughly exploring the pros and cons of being selfless or charming without coming off as cynical . This book is the fourth entry in the Bewitching Fairy Tales series and my favorite by far. Despite being nearly three times as long as the books I usually read in this genre, there was not a single sentence that felt extraneous or expository. I savored every page right up to the last one. At first glance, Liora may seem like your typical "Cinderella" character, devoting herself to serving her stepfamily and letting others

There's a New Princess Movie Coming to Hulu!

One of the most mysterious teasers from the last Disney+ Day  was a plain logo with the word "Princess" on it with no caption. This week, the truth behind that mysterious logo has finally been revealed. It turns out that it was a teaser for an upcoming movie from 20th Century Studios called The Princess , which is set for a July 1st release. Initially, I was shocked that Disney did not have better marketing for a new princess movie, especially at the tail end of the Ultimate Princess Celebration . However, seeing that it is being released under the studio once known as Fox and has an R-rating, my confusion has since been laid to rest. It would appear that while Disney is trying hard to keep this film under wraps to avoid affiliating it with their kid-friendly Disney Princess brand . That is also the most likely reason it will release on Hulu in the United States instead of their more heavily marketed Disney+ streaming service . Tuesday's press release  for The Princess  d

Review: Forgotten

I admit I wasn't too excited at first when I learned that Camille Peters ' new book, Forgotten  would be based on one of my least favorite fairy tales "East of the Sun and West of the Moon."  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it bears little resemblance to this story is actually a stealth retelling of "Romeo and Juliet."  It is a heartfelt tale of forbidden love and all the trials and tribulations that come with it. This book evokes some heavy emotions that I really appreciate during a time when most stories have become more about politics than feelings. I found myself drawn to the characters and their surprisingly steamy romance. This is the first Camille Peters book set in this world that I feel stands on its own as an original classic. Princess Taryn has a secret. Though she is loyal to her crown, she is also in love with the enemy prince, Xander, and will not let logic or reason stop her from sneaking away to be with him even if it kills

Now Is the Perfect Time to Release Disenchanted

If you haven't been keeping up with the news, a handful of production photos were recently released from Disenchanted , Disney's upcoming sequel to Enchanted . The film is rumored for a Fall 2022 release date, which could not be more timely considering how disenchanted the general public has become with Disney  and how many people want it to return to its fairy tale roots just like Giselle desire in this film. At first, I thought it seemed really weird for her to suddenly want her life to be more like the superficial magical realm of Andalasia after she already decided that she preferred Robert's grounded and cynical lifestyle and gave up her chance at a fairy tale romance with Prince Edward. However, as a grown-up princess fan , I have an intrinsic understanding of the temptation for a nostalgic time when everything seemed simply despite being aware that I still have to live in the real world. With everything going on at Disney right now , it seems almost ironic that the

Review: Mirrors of Ice

Mirrors of Ice  was one of the many promotional sales from National Fairy Tell a Fairy Tale Day . I decided to check it out since I had already read the first and third books in this series. Celeste Baxdendell  is not the kind of author you should turn to if you are looking for a quick fairy tale fix. Her Bewitching Fairy Tales series  is long, detailed, and often quite dark. However, if you have some time on your hands and are looking to be fully immersed in a fleshed-out fantasy world packed with references to multiple fairy tales, this is a good series to check out. Mirrors of Ice  is the second entry in this series and works just as well as a standalone book as it does an expansion to the world that was built in the other books. It is a combination of "The Snow Queen" and "Snow White"  and cleverly addresses elements of both fairy tales that I rarely see in other adaptations, which secures its place as my favorite book in the Bewitching Fairy Tales series thu