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The Princess Blog's Five-Year Blogiversary Extravaganza!

Can you believe I've been writing articles about princesses for five years? I still remember posting a list of  100 princesses for my 100th post , and now I have over 600 posts and counting! That's a lot of princesses! For most blogiversaries, I've shared free or deeply discounted Kindle copies of my books , but unfortunately, I haven't written anything new this year. Instead, I've been busy getting settled in my new castle , so I filmed this mini-music video in some of my favorite rooms as a video tour. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to pause it to get a closer look at some of my new furnishings and old memorabilia. Let me know how many princess easter eggs you can spot in the background! As for what's next, I'm very excited to announce that I've applied to be a big sister through the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America  in the hopes of sharing my experiences with a special little girl, attending more princess events, and getting a better grasp on

Review: Time Princess - The Perfect Storm

Time Princess has really done it this time. What have they done? They've created a pirate story that I actually enjoyed. In fact, but it just might be one of the best visual novels in the entire game! The Perfect Storm is similar in plot to Hela's Compass  as both are about a young woman who journeys to sea to find a supernatural artifact that is tied to a deceased relative, but The Perfect Storm blew it out of the water literally and figuratively with its worldbuilding, story, characters, and music. Pirates are often presented as the male-oriented alternative to princesses, and while both are  occasionally paired together , the genres are rarely combined. One exception is ab obscure Broadway musical called The Pirate Queen  that tells the story of a real-life female pirate named Grace O'Malley , but I liked this one better. The Perfect Storm is a pure fantasy that is unapologetically female and removes the less desirable aspects of pirating like the drinking, womanizing,