Celebrating Three Years with The Stolen Trilogy!

Three years ago today, I decided to create a safe space on the internet for people who love princesses and fairy tales as much as I do. My social media feed had become too political, and the people I could discuss the latest princess shows with were few and far between. I had just gotten married and celebrated my birthday, so I was in a great place to do something just for me. Thus, The Princess Blog was born. In the beginning, I made a new post everyday, starting with an analysis of Disney Princesses. Now, I share roughly two updates a week, but my level of passion has not shifted as I continue to pursue new princess content to enjoy and review. I've also worked on other writing projects over the years. The biggest of these is The Stolen Trilogy. I wanted to create a world similar to my favorite show, Princess Gwenevere, and the Jewel Riders, by exploring the lives three royal ladies who lived together in a castle and went on their own magical adventures. This week, the trilogy is complete, and as those of you who are subscribed to my mailing list are aware, I am offering you a special one-two-free deal to celebrate!

The Stolen Trilogy book series

Today only, the first book in The Stolen Trilogy, The Stolen Jewel, is available for free on Amazon to kick off The Princess Blog's three-year anniversary celebration! This book began as a screenplay for the UCLA Professional Program. It tells the story of how Princess Charlotte restored her self-worth after losing everything she had ever worked for. Charlotte's tale is based on personal events that happened in my own life, but with a whole lot more magic and fantasy mixed in. The next book in the series is The Stolen Queen, which is available today for just $0.99 in honor of this prestigious occasion. I launched this book two months ago after a heavy rewrite with my editor, Claerie Kavanaugh. It is the story Charlotte's best friend, Lily, who gets turned into a mermaid when she sneaks off to search for some missing mages in her kingdom. I had been meaning to write another mermaid story for years after Of Land and Sea: The Untold Story of The Little Mermaid, but nothing seemed to stick until I came up with the world of Klingland and decided to expand upon it.

The Stolen Slipper - "You've never seen Cinderella told like this before"

The Stolen Slipper is the third and final book in The Stolen Trilogy. Inspired by the popular fairy tale of "Cinderella," this book solidifies Krystal's redemption arc by allowing her to take on the role of the fairy godmother. Krystal is a very different heroine from the others I have written. She doesn't always say or do the right thing and has many enemies. At first, I thought it would be a challenge to write from the perspective of such a femme fatale, but I quickly realized that I'm not so innocent anymore, myself. In some ways, I can relate to her even better than the ingenue characters who are barely ready to become queen. I wrote some of this book backwards with a clear picture of how it would end but less of an idea what would happen in the middle. Without realizing it, Krystal's romance arc turned into a gender-bent "Beauty and the Beast," so I suppose this book reimagines two fairy tales instead of one. I am extremely pleased with the way it turned out and hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The Stolen Trilogy may be complete, but The Princess Blog will always be a work in progress as long as there is new princess content to review and analyze. I am so grateful to those of you who shared your recommendations with me and urge you to keep them coming. You comments make all the hard work I put into this blog worthwhile. Thanks to you, I learned about the visual novel Cinders and the amazing Hulu series Find Me in Paris, which will be concluding in two weeks. Over the course of the next month, I will share my final thoughts on Find Me in Paris, a review of the latest Swan Princess sequel, and a good-bye post for Elena of Avalor when she is crowned queen on August 23rd. September will bring us a new Barbie movie and the long-awaited releases of Mulan and Secret Society for Second-Born Royals. Suffice to say, I have plenty of content to keep me busy well into my blog's fourth year.

As far as other writing projects go, I'd like to take a break now that I've completed The Stolen Trilogy, but who knows when I'll be inspired to work on another big project next? I would like to release a digital box set containing all three books sometime in the near future, so please share your thoughts if that is something that would interest you. Remember to subscribe to my mailing list to learn about future releases. If you don't already follow me on social media, keep in mind that The Princess Blog has pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to make it easier to follow new posts. Keep those recommendations and suggestions coming! Also, if you do take advantage of any of today's bargains on The Stolen Trilogy, it would mean a lot if you could leave an honest review on Amazon for any of the books you read. Here's to three more magical years of princessy goodness!


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