Story Saturday: The Princess Vlog

"The Princess Vlog"

Once upon a time, there was a lovely princess named Lisa who created a blog to keep her court informed about all of the latest princess news in the world. She had a small but loyal following. Lisa was happy with her court but always wished that there could be a way for her kingdom to grow bigger. One day, she went to visit her prince's kingdom, where her father-in-law, the king, encouraged her to start a YouTube channel to spread her message of love and kindness to the rest of the world. So, the princess used a magic wand that had been presented to her at her royal wedding to transform herself into a cartoon character. With the help of a little pixie dust, she created a video of her very first blog post.

Though she received a much smaller reception on her video than she had hoped, Lisa did receive some helpful scrolls from her royal family members overseas. She knew she couldn't do everything herself, so she asked her husband, Prince Derrick, for help magically modifying her voice so that it would sound just right. Some evil pixies tried to interfere with the princess's recording, for they did not want her to spread such encouraging messages to the world. They made lots of noise so Lisa would be harder to hear, switched the magic potions that she had worked so hard to arrange in the proper order, and flew around to try to get in her way. With the help of her prince, Lisa fought off the pixies one by one until there was nothing standing in the way of her dreams. She then released a video of her second blog post for all of the kingdoms to see.

Now that the princess had a way for her voice to be heard loud and clear, she decided to do something to show her gratitude to her royal court for all their feedback and support. So, she redecorated her castle in the hopes that it would feel warmer and more welcoming to old and new guests alike. She made sure to incorporate brighter colors, bigger logos, and a more pleasant overall feel. The princess hoped that the transformation of her castle would scare away any other wicked pixies who tried to come between her and her message. Her next video was made from her post about ladies-in-waiting to show her love for all the nobles in her court.

Despite her hard work, the princess's kingdom remains small but loyal. Princess Lisa needs your help to spread her message far and wide. She can't keep fighting the wicked pixies alone. They would do anything to prevent her from growing her happy kingdom. Please become one of her followers and subscribe to her new vlog so that she may live happily ever after.


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