Entwined Tales Launch Party on Facebook

I had a very interesting evening, celebrating the release of the Entwined Tales series on Facebook with the six lovely authors of the books from the series. I've never seen a release party quite like this before, but then, I've never seen a book series quite like this either. Each author has her own independent set of fairy tale novels, which brought them together based on their similar story content. They combined their talents to create an original series about a bumbling fairy godfather who goes around granting unwanted gifts to princesses from six different fairy tales. Some of the fairy tales they picked are rather obscure, such as "The Goose Girl" and "East of the Sun, West of the Moon," (which was turned into a live-action movie called The Polar Bear King in 1991, but I wasn't a fan of it). Of course, the one I'm looking forward to the most is inspired by my favorite fairy tale, "The Little Mermaid." Coming March 5th, A Little Mermaid by Aya Ling will tell the story of a mermaid who is in love with a merman, but due to a misunderstanding, has her voice taken and is turned into a human against her will. What a fun twist on a classic tale! The final book in the series will be An Inconvenient Princess, a "Rapunzel" story, by Melanie Cellier, whose books I've been reviewing for the past couple of months.

If I wasn't already excited about the Entwined Tales series, the launch party did the trick tenfold. It was both fun and chaotic watching the notifications pop up endlessly on my Facebook feed from the fans and authors alike to talk about their careers, favorite faity tales, and participate in a few challenges just for fun. I won a set of adorable Disney Princess magnets from K.M. Shea by being the first to respond correctly to a fairy tale emoji challenge. Apparent, my new faster laptop that I just got paid off. Many of the challenges were also based on who came up with the most clever or funny response, which I did not do as well in. There was even a naked cat photo challenge at the end of the night! Some of these authors have some interesting side hobbies. The festivities lasted for four hours, and there was never a dull moment.

I thought I had my hands full already with the Four Kingdoms series, but it turns out that each of these authors has a unique fairy tale-inspired series to offer. With so many beautiful and inspired options to choose from, I can't figure out which one I want to read first! To help new readers get started, many of the authors threw in freebies of their ebooks during the event, while others provided them via their mailing the that they linked to.  Once I complete the Beyond the Four Kingdoms series, I now have The Countess and the Frog by Kenley DavidsonCinderella and the Colonel by K.M. SheaMoss Forest Orchid and Fire and Heathers by Shari Tapscott waiting for me in my Kindle library. Of course, that's not counting the book recommendations I received tonight from these talented ladies that look incredibly tempting including The Autumn Fairy trilogy by Brittany Fichter and The Little Selkie by K.M. Shea. Let's just say it's a good thing I'm taking a break from Netflix until the next season of A Series of Unfortunate Events comes out.

Don't get me wrong though. It wasn't just about the freebies. The party gave fans from all over the world a rare opportunity to interact with six successful fairy tale authors. Each one gave her own unique introduction with a little bit of background on her career, likes, and dislikes. It was like casually hanging out at a party with celebrities... if the party happened to take place on Facebook. Then again, maybe we're all just a bunch nerds. I'm not ashamed. Two hundred twenty-five fans showed up to share jokes, Facebook likes, and compare their lives to the fairy tale characters who they love to read about. A lot of fun was had by all, and I hope to attend other events along the same lines. I also hope I find the time to tackle my newly bloated reading list soon.


MoonValleyRose said…
This sounds so much fun!! I wanted to come so bad but as I'm in the UK it was much too late my time. :'( I love KM Shea's books and am excited to check out the other authors!!!

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