The Best Jobs for Modern Princesses

Here I am trying to come up with an idea for my last post before my big 100th post extravaganza. It seems I've exhausted practically every relevant princess topic there is. So, I decided to switch things up a bit and talk some more about how to be a princess in the real world. Plenty of little girls say they want to be princesses when they grow up, but when that fated day arrives, is this dream truly practical? Though it is possible to be a professional princess at a theme park or as an independent contractor, that isn't necessarily the best thing for a long-term career. There are plenty of more realistic options for a young woman with the personality of a modern princess.

Let's start with the obvious. Girls who take their dream of wanting to be a princess into adulthood do have the option of going to the Disney Parks and doing a face character audition. However, not every grown-up princess lover is eligible for this job. The company has many strict requirements regarding age, height, and body type. If you're an inch too short or too tall, you're out of luck. Still, it can be a very rewarding experience for the small handful of young women who do fit the bill. They get paid to dress up, embody their favorite princess, and accept the love and admiration of princess lovers everywhere while listening to stories about how princesses inspire people. Unfortunately, this isn't something that anyone can do as a long-term career. Princesses lose their royal status as soon as they stop being able to pass for 16.

Alternatively, f you don't qualify to be a princess at the Disney Parks, you can become an independent contractor for parties and run a princess business online. Independent contract work is not for everyone either. You would have to purchase all of your costumes, wigs, and makeup out of pocket and report them as business expenses for tax purposes later. It requires a strong personality with the ability to market yourself so other people know about your business. Unless you hire an assistant, you'd have to answer a lot of calls and keep track of a complex schedule. The work isn't consistent either. Some months would have lots of bookings, and others would barely have any. It's based mainly on luck and business savvy. If you crave stability like me, you wouldn't be able to handle this sort of work as there's no guarantee of making enough money from month to month.

So, what can you do to make a stable career for yourself and still feel like a princess? Well, if you love playing make believe but don't qualify to be a Disney Princess and don't have the budget to freelance, you can look into any other sort of work in the entertainment industry. Being an actress would allow you to play any age that matches your look and being a model would give you the opportunity to wear all sorts of beautiful clothes. Princesses also make excellent singers thanks to their beautiful voices. They are very graceful, so some of them grow to become dancers, especially ballerinas. Unlike working independently, acting gives you the freedom of having other people do your wardrobe, hair, and makeup, so it's less work than running your own business. Plus, the experience having other people dress you and make up your face and hair can feel a little like being a real princess. Unfortunately, this sort of work also begins as freelance until you find a good agent, so there's no guarantee of a stable paycheck. If you live in southern California, you can sign up for Central Casting to experience background acting as a side job. They need many different types of people, and you can find work that allows you to wear fun costumes.

For shyer princesses who don't want to be the center of attention, there are quieter jobs that focus on the admirable princess traits of love and kindness. Princess lovers make great doctors or veterinarians because of their strong desire to heal those who are hurt. Becoming a doctor requires many years of training, but you can qualify to be a nurse in less time and still help people who are sick. Being someone's assistant is also a good job for a princess because it means a chance to lend a helping hand to a person who's too busy to do everything themselves. Just make sure your boss isn't an evil stepmother! Princesses can also be terrific writers or artists due to their penchant for storytelling and adventure. If you love princess fashion but don't want to be in the spotlight, why not look for a job behind the scenes like a fashion designer or hair or makeup artist? Princesses who are hopeless romantics can also go into the wedding planning industry or become florists and design bouquets for blushing brides.

There are lots of jobs that modern princesses can do that don't require them to actually dress up as a princess. It's hard to get by on our noble spirit alone, so it's important to find something stable to support ourselves and our princess hobbies. Anything that you work hard at and believe in with your heart and soul is a princess job. Don't be afraid to get out there and shine like the star you are.


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