How To Be a Modern Princess

I've been making a lot of posts here about fairy tale princesses from movies and TV shows and how they inspire me, but the real challenge is taking these traits and bringing them into the real world. I will be the first to admit that it is not easy. The older I get, the harder it becomes to maintain my dignity and grace as a princess. I can understand why queens often lose their sense of innocence. If you've ever worked in a customer service job, you know what I'm talking about. Despite this, being a princess simply means trying your best every day, which is something everyone can do. If you can believe in yourself, you will always grow and improve as a person. No one knows this better than Haruka from the Magical Girl anime Go! Princess Precure.

Haruka is a modern teenage girl who dreams of one day becoming just like the flower princess from her favorite fairy tale book. She attends a special private school to chase after that dream and studies subjects that would improve her grace, etiquette, and appearance to help her become a modern princess. Even when a prince grants her the powers to become the magical girl Cure Flora, she still feels as though she has not quite reached her full princess potential. Haruka understands that being a princess means accepting that you will never be the best. Every girl is a princess, and every girl has things about herself that she can improve upon. Living like a princess means living every day to your fullest potential, even days that you feel too tired or sad to get up in the morning.

I've written about how to dress like a princess, but there are no strict guidelines that must be adhered to in order to feel like royalty. The first step to feeling like a princess is looking like one, but how to do that is entirely up to you. If it makes you feel pretty, it is a princess outfit. If you can put at least some effort into your appearance before leaving the house each day, you are well on your way to being a princess. That doesn't mean you need to be an expert in fashion, hair, or makeup. Try to wear clothes that will attract positive attention like lacy dresses or ruffled tops with long flowing skirts and bright accessories that sparkle or stand out, such as charm bracelets or flower hair clips. If you show the world that you are a princess, they will respond in turn.

The next step to being a princess is acting like one. Smile at strangers when you are out in public, and try to stay positive in situations where you may feel uncomfortable or out of place. Be polite and friendly to everyone you meet, even to people who come off as rude or annoying. You never know what they are going through in their personal lives. A little kindness on your part may affect them more than you realize. Princesses do not command the spotlight unless it is given to them, so focus instead on the people who you are making conversation with. Ask them how their day is going and talk about their passions. If you make someone else feel important, you will feel important too. Always say "thank you" when someone compliments you, and avoid talking about yourself unless you directly asked to do so by another person.

Princesses are graceful and have many skills. It's a good idea to work on your posture and practice activities that interest you. Practice your favorite poses in the mirror for when you have your picture taken so everyone on social media can see that you are a princess. No two princesses are alike. Your skills may be more physical, such as ballet or acrobatics, or they may be more mental, such as art or writing. Wherever your talent lies, be sure to practice it every day and let your work speak for itself instead of boasting about it. Because princesses are always improving, you should never stop doing what you love. You can always become better than you were yesterday. Don't be afraid to try new things either. A princess is always curious about the world around her. Travel, go on adventures and try to learn something new each day. It has never been easier for princesses to increase their knowledge than it is today thanks to the internet and other technological advances.

In short, being a modern princess does not mean having a lot of money or being born to a queen and king. It means to keep trying, keep learning, and keep believing that things will get better even when they are at their worst. A princess has an inner sense of nobility that shines through in everything she does, even when others are cruel or refuse to acknowledge it. She takes an interest in those around her and is kind and polite to everyone, no matter how they act toward her. Never forget that no matter what anyone tells you, within you beats the heart of a princess as long as you believe in yourself.


Luvnstuf said…
Loved your video on YouTube. You did a great job! You spoke clearly, so I was able to understand everything you said. I liked listening to the qualities of a Princess. Of course, you will always be a Princess to me! Can you guess who I am?

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