3 Craft Ideas for Little Princesses

I don't have anything to review this week, so I'm going to try something a little different. Since my new job involves working with small children, I've come up with some ideas for fun crafts that girls who love princesses can do at home. Not everyone has a 3D printer, but there are smaller things that children can do at home with affordable materials. For princess crafts, it's best to look for craft supplies that sparkle or shimmer such as glitter, sequins, plastic gems, or metallic paper. Here are some ideas that I've done in the past or have seen at events.

Decorate/Make Your Own Tiara

You will need:

Metallic posterboard with sequins or gems

Every princess needs her signature crown! There are many affordable sets of foam tiaras available in various colors and styles that come with stick-on gems so princesses can customize them in a way that is unique to their own personal tastes. For further customization, make a template of whatever tiara shape you desire and trace it onto a piece of metallic posterboard. If the posterboard isn't wide enough to fit around the child's head, you can make the main part of the tiara on one piece and cut strips with notches on the ends to attach to the sides and connect around the princess's head. Gold metallic posterboard can create a very convincing Princess Aurora crown on its own or can be further embellished with sequins and gems.

Make Your Own Lady-in-Waiting Hat

You will need:

Colorful construction paper
Tape or stapler
Thick flowing ribbons
String or elastic
Glitter, sequins, gems, or other sparkly accents

A princess's court is never complete without her ladies-in-waiting! If your princess is celebrating a special day like a birthday and wants to be the only one with a tiara, her friends can still get in on the fun by joining her court with these regal cone-shaped hats that were popular in the middle ages. You can create this ship by cutting a semi-circle out of construction paper in the color of your choice and wrapping one-half of the straight section over the other so they create a point in the middle, forming a cone with the semi-circle rounding out the bottom. Before you attach the sides together, you can place a pretty ribbon inside the cone so it flows out from the tip to form a graceful effect. Decorate it with whatever sparkly baubles you can find, and attach a string or elastic underneath so it can stay secure under the lady-in-waiting's chin.

Make Your Own Wand

You will need:

Heavy-duty straws or wooden dowels
Posterboard or die-cut shapes such as stars, hearts, or moons
Tape or hot glue
Thin shimmery ribbon
Glitter sequins, gems, or anything sparkly

Not every princess has time to wait around to be rescued. Some days, she'll want to become a magical girl and take matters into her own hands. Fortunately, making a magic wand to fend off evil is simple. All you'll need is an iridescent straw or dowel for the base and a pretty shape like a star, heart, or moon to affix to the top with tape or hot glue. For maximum sturdiness, it's best to cut two copies of the same shape out of posterboard or construction paper and attach them back-to-back on both sides of the base. Once the main part of the wand is complete, you can tie a thin shimmery ribbon near the top so it will flow with the wand when it gets waved for an extra magical effect. Don't forget to bedazzle it with sequins, glitter, or gems anywhere that looks good!

These princess craft ideas provide an engaging and creative outlet for children to express their imagination and love for all things princess. From making paper crowns and tiaras to creating magical wands, these crafts offer a wide range of activities that can be enjoyed individually or in group settings. By participating in these crafts, children can develop their fine motor skills, express their artistic abilities, and engage in imaginative play. These crafts are not only fun, but they also encourage children to embrace their inner royalty and create lasting memories. Remember, adult supervision is recommended during any crafting activities involving small or potentially harmful materials. Do you have a favorite princess craft? Let me know in the comments!


Sugar said…
I would have loved this as a child!! However, my little friends were not very princess (or fairy) style. Although my mom made dresses for my barbies and paper dolls, I'm afraid that many crafts were for them hahaha.
But I remember that as a child an aunt gave me a plastic magic wand and an equally plastic crown that I used on birthdays. When I grew up at 18, I bought a slightly more adult tiara.
I will use another on my wedding day...Should I wear a queen crown if my future children get married?
Lisa Dawn said…
I suppose it depends how much your children want to be in the spotlight! A lot of brides don't like people to outshine them. :) I actually wore a (fake) flower circlet at my wedding instead of a tiara because I thought it looked more elegant.
Sugar said…
That one is a classic fairy or princess! the same as a crown with shells for a mermaid princess theme.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I just discovered your blog and wanted to tell you it's awesome, keep it up! ^^
Lisa Dawn said…
Thank you so much! Have a lovely day!

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