How Princesses Inspire Creativity

I've written before about how princesses inspire me during daily life, but I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to these stories when it comes to my creative endeavors. Fairy tales have been evolving for hundreds of years. The solidarity between the storytellers who pass these tales along to new generations so we can retell them in unique ways is incredibly motivating to me as an aspiring writer. It sets an idea in place to get the creative gears turning while opening up possibilities to create something entirely new and original. Being that today is Mothers Day, I'd also like to point out that mothers who share princess stories with their daughters empower them with endless potential to play make-believe in a world where anything is possible and girl can be anyone or anything they desire.

It isn't just the stories themselves that act as a catalyst for creative minds. Mythological, royal, and fairy tale women have been portrayed in artwork for just as long as their stories have been told. Many of us grew up with hand-drawn princesses in animated movies that set our imaginations free to a place where colors are brighter, eyes are bigger, and the flick of a wand can transform rags into a glittering ballgown. Artists all over the world show their love for princesses on a regular basis by posting fanart on social media. I got an Instagram account a little over a year ago, and my favorite thing about scrolling through my feed is seeing all the different artistic interpretations that people post of their favorite princesses using their own unique art styles. Every piece of art evokes a different feeling or theme. Disney's Rapunzel is a terrific role model for artistic princess fans because she managed to turn her tower prison into a beautiful and whimsical gallery of paintings.

Another way princesses inspire creativity is through their beautiful and elegant clothing. Feminine clothes have gone out of style in recent years, so those of us who still want to dress like a princess can channel that desire into creative cosplay. Princesses are some of the most popular characters for people to cosplay at conventions and for good reason. Their lovely elegant gowns make us feel beautiful and draw lots of positive attention from other fans and attendees. It's nearly impossible to find women's clothing that has lace, ribbon, or glitter accents in a modern department store, so why not buy the supplies and do it yourself? With all the live-action remakes of princess movies that have been coming out lately, princess dresses are becoming more elaborate and detailed than ever. This gives cosplayers a terrific challenge to really wow people by showing off their skills at replicating or even improving the newer designs.

Rapunzel isn't the only princess with a creative skill. Most princesses are also known for their beautiful singing voices. In fact, it is the signature trait of my favorite princess, Ariel. Singing is a wonderful way to express your innermost feelings to the rest of the world whether it's at a karaoke bar or in the privacy of your own room. The performing arts are the ideal creative outlet for adults who still want to play make-believe. Even though not all princess fans are professionally trained, most of us grew up belting the songs of Alan Menken at the top of our lungs to anyone who would listen. This is a wonderful example of how princesses have inspired an entire generation to express themselves by granting them the melodies and lyrics to let out what's already been inside them for years. Some of us have even tried our hand at writing our own lyrics to truly personalize the craft.

 One of the reasons I started this blog is that I wanted to show the world how princesses have allowed me to express myself in ways that I may have found challenging if I had grown up without them. These stories and characters are etched into my psyche and allow me to truly be the most creative version of myself. Whether it's through writing, drawing, dressing up, or singing, princesses have inspired creativity in girls and women for hundreds of years. If you love princesses as much as I do, I hope that you keep allowing them to inspire you and share your craft with the world just as I do through my blog. Happy Mothers Day!


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