New Release Date and Concept Art for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power!

Last December, we were all eagerly anticipating news about the upcoming reboot of She-Ra: Princess of Power under the slightly different title of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Today, that wish has finally been granted! The show's official Facebook page was just updated with a new interview from showrunner Noelle Stevenson as well as some concept art that gives us an idea of the look and feel that the new Netflix series will have. As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, there's also a release date, which is something I knowI've been wondering about for a while. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is scheduled for broacast on Netflix on Friday, November 16th! Are you as excited as I am?

The new design for She-Ra appears to be more whimsical and loose than the original with more of a focus on movement lines than the stiff straight-edged style of the '80s. Her heroic stance and flowing hair, cape, and skirt imply that the series will be action-packed with a lot of fluid motion. She looks quite a bit younger than the voluptuous woman from the '80s series, who appeared to be in her late '30s. This version of Princess Adora has a more age-appropriate design for her fan base as a badass teen with little to no focus on sex appeal and full focus on girl power in a similar vibe to DC Superhero Girls. The overall style of animation looks like a cross between the 2008 Spectacular Spider-Man series and the ongoing Steven Universe series from Cartoon Network.

My favorite thing about the newly released concept art is the vibrant colors that were used in the backgrounds. The gorgeous image of Princess Adora's kingdom featured above looks like it could easily be swapped out for an episode of Tangled. I also love the colorful costume designs for Adora's friends pictured below that seem to pop right out of the screen in bright shades of red and purple. Adora is very expressive in all of the images, which promises that she will be a relatable character and that the series will offer a fair amount of drama to keep things interesting. The '80s show had a pretty generic storyline overall, so this promises to be a great turn of events for an updated version. Her superhero costume and street clothes are both similar enough to pay loyalty to the original but unique enough to match today's style of animation.

According to the interview with Noelle Stevenson, the series will follow the same backstory as the original, in which Adora is raised by an evil overlord named Hordak to believe that evil is the correct way of life and that princesses are in the wrong before learning the truth and transforming into She-Ra. It aligns right up with modern princess culture in which princesses are brave adventurers who fight for justice and are rarely evil. I'm sure it's no coincidence, then, that this new version of She-Ra is voiced by Aimee Carrero, who plays another modern princess leader in a current animated series, Elena of Avalor. The story of a reformed princess mirrors that of Xena: Warrior Princess, which was also supposed to be rebooted within the past year but got canceled. I'm glad this storyline can live on through She-Ra because redemption arcs are very empowering for people such as myself who have made mistakes in the past and struggle to move beyond them to do the right thing in the future. This is also pretty rare for princess stories because they are often too naive in the beginning to be aware that there is evil in the world.
She’s separated from her family as a baby, she’s sent to another planet, she’s adopted by the villain overlord and raised by him in this evil army. She’s been raised to believe that the villains are doing the right thing and that the Princesses are the evil ones.
Personally, I have never been a fan of the stiff rudimentary animation style of the '80s and the episodic story structure where everything resets at the end of each episode. I love the idea of She-Ra: Princess of Power, but watching it was difficult for me because it was so dated by the time I decided to check it out. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power looks like a breath of fresh air with the same timeless concept applied to modern fluid animation and storytelling. I wish I didn't have to wait another four months before I can see it come to life, but I'm eager to learn where Adora's journey will take me.


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