Moana 2 Joins the Upcoming Princess Trailers of 2024!

The princess movies of 2024 are few and far between, but there are still a few to look forward to. While it may not be the original princess story we were hoping for, Disney announced Moana 2 earlier this year along with a brief teaser. The full trailer that launched today does not give much more information about the film's plot, but it does reveal a bit more footage. Following the concept for a cancelled TV series, Moana 2 sees Moana reuniting with some old friends for a new adventure at sea. The movie is set for Disney's usual princess movie release date of Thanksgiving weekend, marking it as one of their biggest blockbusters planned for the year. The fact that they gave such a prestigious date to a sequel is somewhat disheartening but may imply a higher quality film than the Disney sequels of old.

The trailer portrays an aged-up Moana joining together with a new crew of Wayfinders to take on her biggest foe yet--an enormous whale covered in magical glowing symbols. The larger-than-life antagonist may be Disney's answer to the ever popular Nokk from Frozen 2 and may have additional significance in Polynesian mythology that is yet to be explained. Considering the modern-day princess trope of forgiveness and the ending of the original film, the whale is unlikely to be a villain for very long. Observant fans have noticed that Moana's parents are holding an unfamiliar little girl in the trailer, who is likely a little sister that Moana may need to rescue or recruit at some point in the film. Of course, the trailer's big reveal at the end includes a comeback from Maui, who seems pumped to go on a new adventure with his favorite travel companion. No Moana sequel would be complete without the demigod of the land and sea.

Disney has some big competition for Moana 2 as it is set for release on the same day as Wicked, the film adaptation of the first act of the hit Broadway musical that is a favorite amongst Disney Princess fans. Wicked recently released a new trailer that is fraught with familiar dialogue and musical numbers from the play. Based on a novel by Gregory Maguire, Wicked is an adaptation of The Wizard of Oz told from the perspective of the Wicked Witch of the West. Glinda, the most princess-like character from the show, will be portrayed in the new film by Ariana Grande and can be seen in the trailer sporting lots of frilly pink dresses and a big glittering crown. Elphaba, played here by Cynthia Erivo, embodies the princess trope of desiring freedom and love against seemingly impossible odds. Between the two films coming out this Thanksgiving, Wicked seems like the obvious winner, but considering that many fans are disgruntled about the show being split into two movies, Moana 2 might surprise everyone as the sleeper hit of the holiday season.

Another Disney Princess trailer that premiered a few days ago is Rise of Red, the newest chapter in the Descendants saga. This direct-to-Disney+ sequel has a lot going for it and may be the best Descendants movie yet, though thatt's a low bar to breach. It will see the official return of Brandy and Paolo Montalban as Cinderella and her Prince. Brandy's new look sporting blue hair and a massive crown can be seen in the new trailer along with a very different look for the Queen of Hearts. For a franchise that focuses mainly on villains, this movie is an anomaly for starring not one, but two princesses. Chloe, the daughter of Cinderella, and Red, the daughter of the Queen of Hearts, will team up to travel back in time using a magic pocket watch, where they meet with a younger version of the Queen of Hearts, who acts like a traditional Disney Princess. For Disney Channel teenybopper fare, no one is expecting high art, but this movie looks like a vast improvement over the Descendants films of the past. There won't be a long wait for this one. Descendants: Rise of Red will premiere July 12th on Disney+.

Official Poster for 'Moana 2' : r/movies Wicked Poster Previews Musical Fantasy ... Descendants Wiki | Fandom

The 2024 princess movie trailers are finally here! Moana 2 and Wicked will go head-to-head in theaters this Thanksgiving, and Rise of Red will dominate Disney+ streamers in just a little over a month. Which movie are you most excited for? Are you ready to set sail with Moana again, or are you more eager to experience the magic of Wicked? Or perhaps you're curious about the new generation of Disney Princesses in Rise of Red? Let me know in the comments below! Share your thoughts, predictions, and hopes for these upcoming movies. Join the conversation and let's get excited together!


Sugar said…
I'm curious about Wicked, I honestly love Glinda's outfits.
On the other hand, I have been watching Gods School, an Indie animation with an ever after high feel It has few episodes so far, my favorite character is Aphrodite, she has a pleasant character and a princess look.
Red Mod said…
Vey well written blog! Thanks for sharing this with us!

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