Disney Kicks Off World Princess Week with a LEGO Special!

Today marks Disney's third annual World Princess Week, and it kicked off with a surprise special on Disney+ featuring four of the original voices called LEGO Disney Princess: The Castle Quest. The special featured LEGO versions of Snow White, Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Moana embarking on a quest to rescue King Triton from Gaston, who used Snow White's Magic Mirror to help him take over an abandoned castle. While his unexpected combination may seem a little reminiscent of Wreck-It Ralph 2, in which Vanellope got together with a group of all the Disney Princesses, this special takes things to the next level. Since the characters and backgrounds are made of LEGO bricks, it doesn't take itself seriously and goes all out with Easter eggs and references. For instance, Ariel and Moana's quest brings them to a pirate ship where they encounter Smee from Peter Pan, Iago, and the Magic Carpet from Aladdin. The special may have contained an unapologetic amount of fan service, but it remained ever loyal to the personality and charm of the Disney Princess characters and brand.

My favorite thing about LEGO Disney Princess: The Castle Quest is that the princesses stayed true to themselves no matter how zany or ridiculous the circumstances got, largely thanks to the special's brilliant use of their original actresses. It was particularly pleasant to hear Jodi Benson reprise her role as Ariel, the princess who was most personally affected by Triton's capture. Her warmth and sympathy shined through her LEGO model, who wore the green dress that Ariel wears in the Disney Parks, which had never appeared on screen prior to this special. I loved that Ariel didn't want to let the other princesses help her because they might get hurt and the interaction she had with Tiana, who told her she refused to sit back and watch someone else lose a father. Moana's powers over the ocean came into play as well when she broke down a LEGO tree and used the bricks to build a boat. Snow White's love of animals was incorporated several times to get the princesses out of some sticky situations, and Rapunzel had lots of fun showing off her magical glowing hair.

The princesses split into two teams to pass Gaston's challenges. Ariel and Moana, who had been a popular fan pairing for years due to their mutual affinities with the ocean, traveled by sea with Ariel temporarily transforming back into a mermaid, while Snow White, Tiana, and Rapunzel entered the dark forest. Both groups' quests were filled with adventure, wonder, and kindness. I was personally more biased toward Ariel and Moana, who both used their unique abilities to weather a terrible storm at sea and discover an enchanted pirate ship, where they made a daring escape on the Magic Carpet from Aladdin. Snow White was the ipso facto leader of the forest team, armed with a dwarven axe and "indestructible armor." Despite her modern-day accessories, she was still very much the classic character from Walt Disney's first animated feature, focusing on using compassion instead of violence to defeat an angry pack of wolves and a ferocious dragon. Tiana and Rapunzel provided additional assistance through their knowledge of herbs, plants, and flowers.

The LEGO special isn't the only thing to come out of this year's World Princess Week. Like in previous years, Disney has collaborated with a number of other companies to release special princess-themed collections. One of the most exciting of these is with American Girl, one of my favorite historical doll and book collections as a child. After about three decades of teaching girls history, American Girl has teamed up with Disney to release their first set of Limited Edition Disney Princess dolls, featuring Rapunzel, Belle, and Jasmine. It's rare to find Limited Edition Disney Princess dolls in this size and style. Each princess doll boasts a detailed version of her iconic gown with a glistening jeweled tiara. The dresses and accessories are all accented with glittering Swarovski crystals for a unique royal touch. Another special event for World Princess Week is the Once Upon a Wish Party, a unique princess ball for children in the Make-a-Wish program. Disney has a long history of making dreams come true for Make-a-Wish kids, most notably when they animated one into an episode of The Little Mermaid animated series.

Disney's World Princess Week and the LEGO Disney Princess: The Castle Quest special have captured the hearts of fans with their enchanting storytelling and imaginative collaborations. From the unexpected combination of princesses embarking on an adventurous quest to the heartfelt portrayal of the characters by their original voice actresses, there is no shortage of magic in this joyful celebration. The special's playful use of LEGO animation and the inclusion of beloved Disney references added a layer of nostalgia, making it a true treat for fans of all ages. Furthermore, the World Princess Week collaborations, such as the American Girl Disney Princess dolls and the Once Upon a Wish Party, demonstrate Disney's commitment to bringing happiness and dreams to life. As we commence this celebration, let us carry the spirit of princesses, unity, and making cherished dreams come true into our own lives.


Amy said…
It was a great special, very enjoyable.
The dolls look super cute!
Kiki said…
I want Anastasia to be in the official Disney Princess lineup, not be left to rot by Disney!
LeAnn Holsclaw said…
I love this special I hope they create a squeal in the future someday

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