The First Trailer for Wish Has Arrived!

Ever since last year's D23 Expo, fans have been waiting with bated breath for more news about Wish, the next original animated Disney classic that celebrate Disney's 100th anniversary from when the company started in 1923. This movie serves as a rare opportunity to celebrate everything we love about Disney's past, including magic, music, animation, and fairy tales with an original plot to boot. With so much focus on live-action remakes, Wish is a breath of fresh air that will hopefully bring back all the things we love from Disney's peak eras of animation. The movie stars a heroine named Asha, who may or may not become a new Disney Princess, that goes on a quest to save the wishing kingdom from an evil king named Magnifico. Just minutes ago, the first trailer for this highly anticipated film premiered on Good Morning America. You can watch it below.

The trailer boasts beautiful animation as well as a clip of the gorgeous song that superstar Ariana DeBose performed at the D23 Expo. It provides insight to the movie's plot by showing Magnifico's greed through wanting to steal all the wishes and Asha's drive to free the wishing kingdom from his tyranny. There is also a reference to Disney's long history of talking animal sidekicks when her goat uses one of the wishing stars to gain the ability to speak. I love Asha's character design with a pretty purple dress and long beautifully animated braids. There are lots of nods to previous Disney movies with the wishing star and the wishing well, but no direct references, which I expect to see more of when the movie comes out in November. According to the D23 Expo panel, the movie will be "taking easter eggs to the next level," meaning we are probably going to see loads of cameos of familiar characters that they are saving for the big screen. I appreciate that the trailer focused on original elements so we can revel in the beauty of the animation instead of something like the disastrous Rescue Rangers movie that came out last year, which was nothing but references.

The 11-minute long sequence on Good Morning America included an emotional wish come true for a young lady named Jazz Smith who idolizes Ariana DeBose as an inspiration for her own musical theater career and recently lost her mother. In the segment, the GMA cast surprised Jazz by introducing her to Ariana, telling her story on screen, and rewarding her with tickets to the Hollywood premiere of Wish and Disneyland. It was a  beautiful and emotional sequence that encompasses the main themes of the film. When Ariana was asked what advice she would give to Jazz, she listed off all the classic Disney Princess traits, such as staying curious and being humble and kind to everyone she encounters. Though Ariana referred to Asha as a heroine in the interview and not a princess, I hope that her character is added to the Disney Princess roster because she seems to embody so many of the traits that we love about princesses.

What I'm hoping to get out of this movie is to see Asha experience growth on her journey instead of being able to do everything perfectly. I sort of like that she starts out as an ordinary villager instead of a princess because it makes her an underdog and gives her something bigger to strive for. The plot element of leading a revolution to free the wishing kingdom from King Magnifico is reminiscent of the Elena of Avalor premiere movie, Elena and the Secret of Avalor. As much as I'm eager to see Asha interacting with other Disney characters who have made magical wishes in the past, I don't want it to overshadow her own story or the rest of what makes the film unique. I also appreciate that Disney is finally going back to the classic villain formula instead of the twist villain, something they've been doing for almost a decade now. It can be frustrating to watch a movie and not know which characters to trust or root for.

This might be the most excited I've been for a new Disney movie in years. I love that Disney is finally acknowledging their roots in animation again by paying tribute to their 100 years of creativity instead of perpetuating the trend of turning everything live-action. Ariana DeBose is a beautiful person inside and out, so I am eager to see her breathe life into Asha, who has a unique character design and a beautiful singing voice. Wish is the next theatrical Disney movie after The Little Mermaid to feature a princess-like heroine and premieres in November, which cannot come soon enough! What are some of your wishes for this film? Let me know in the comments!


Lady Culturina said…
The illustration made me believe it was with a 2D rendition, but apparently not. Anyway, fun fact: there was a prequel book to "Aladdin", "Tales of Agrabah". A chapter revealed that the very first suitor of Jasmine hoped she would not like him, because his heart belonged to his one true love, a girl named Asha. Jasmine thought this was adorable, and it launched her determination to marry for love. Of course, I guess it can't be the same Asha...Unless she met a prince from "Aladdin" universe?
Sugar said…
It looks fabulous! I also want to see this movie.
Lisa Dawn said…
I think this is the best trailer they've released in years.
Kiki Callahan said…
Before they add Asha to the lineup, they need to add Anastasia first!

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