How to Decorate Like a Princess

Many times, when people see my room, they ask me for decorating advice. I usually don't have anything useful to tell them. Knowing how to decorate might just come naturally to modern princesses. We have a strong sense of style and aesthetics, buy whatever looks nice, and find a good spot to put it. Princess fans also rarely throw anything away because there's a high probability we will still love all the same movies we did as children. Many of us have huge collections of merchandise that we have been building for years for years. I've gotten so many compliments on the way I set up my room the years that it's only fair for me to try to give a few tips and tricks for people who are struggling to make their rooms look as perfectly princess as possible.

The first thing I recommend to any modern princess is to find a sheer canopy to hang over her bed. Nothing says "princess" more than waking up to the world through a rose-colored filter every morning. Canopies such as the one I use (pictured above) can instantly transform any ordinary-looking bedroom into a royal suite. I even have a second Disney Princess canopy that I hang over my dresser because I love the look of it so much. You can find plenty of options on Amazon or eBay by doing a quick search for "princess canopy." Many furniture stores carry them as well. I try to find princess versions of as many furniture pieces and electronics as I can, including my lamp, alarm clock, and TV (which I no longer use due to being outdated). Pink or purple versions of items you already need allow your room to feel more regal than the generic neutral-toned versions.

Next, finding a way to display all of your gadgets and gizmos important to making a princess room feel like your own personal haven, just as Ariel does with her grotto. If you follow this blog regularly, chances are that you already have tons of dolls, figurines, and collectibles of your favorite characters. Merely having a lot of possessions is not the same as surrounding yourself with them. As you can see above, I have a four-tier shelf set that I use to display different dolls and collectibles on each level. Some people can't find the space to display their collections, so they put them in away in a box or stuff them all together on a single shelf that gets so crammed that it becomes difficult to appreciate them. I try to spread out my collection as much as possible with a few dolls or figurines on every available surface so that no matter which direction I look toward, I will see something that brings me happiness and serenity.

Once your collectibles are set up, there is still the issue of blank walls. No princess likes being surrounded by blank walls. It makes you feel trapped in a tower, like Rapunzel. I have never personally owned a house, which means I have never had the privilege of being able to paint my own walls, but I've seen many lovely masterpieces online in which people have princess murals or designs themed after movies that match the rest of their room. For those of us who don't have the budget of a princess, there are countless posters, lithographs, sketches, and framed artwork of our favorite characters available to purchase just about anywhere. When people ask me where I got all of the artwork papering my walls, I never have a direct answer because it comes from all over the place. Many of my posters were presented to me as gifts. Some were purchased from artists at conventions and autographed. Others came from magazines, calendars, news inserts, or even doll boxes. It doesn't matter where it came from. If I think it's pretty, it's going up on my wall.

A princess's room is her palace, so why not use every resource you have to make yours feel like one? All it takes is an eye for finding nice things over time and placing them on display in a way that envelopes you inside of your own fantasy world. Throughout my life, my room was the one place I could go to feel at peace even when it felt like the whole world was against me. I'm always on the lookout for more ways to enhance the fantastical reality that I have the privilege of coming home to every night.


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