The Princess Blog's Five-Year Blogiversary Extravaganza!

Can you believe I've been writing articles about princesses for five years? I still remember posting a list of 100 princesses for my 100th post, and now I have over 600 posts and counting! That's a lot of princesses! For most blogiversaries, I've shared free or deeply discounted Kindle copies of my books, but unfortunately, I haven't written anything new this year. Instead, I've been busy getting settled in my new castle, so I filmed this mini-music video in some of my favorite rooms as a video tour. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to pause it to get a closer look at some of my new furnishings and old memorabilia. Let me know how many princess easter eggs you can spot in the background!

As for what's next, I'm very excited to announce that I've applied to be a big sister through the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America in the hopes of sharing my experiences with a special little girl, attending more princess events, and getting a better grasp on the modern generation's perspective of princess media. I hope that this experience can inspire me to write more princess stories that will appeal to the youth of today. I know I'm way behind on my Story Saturdays, so let me know if that's something you would like to see more of. It would also be nice to spend time with someone who gets just as excited about princesses as I do!

As another special treat, I reached out on my Facebook page for suggestions about what to post for my 5th anniversary. One of my favorites was the five reasons that princesses are still relevant and important. Here are my thoughts on the subject. Feel free to share yours in the comments as well!

1. They Inspire Us To Be Our Best Selves.

As we get older, it's easy to get set in our ways and forget the things that motivate us to work hard, chase after our dreams, and spread love everywhere we go. Young and older people alike need these stories to remind them to keep fighting for their happily ever after.

2. It's Harder Than Ever to Remember to Be Kind and Courageous.

In today's politically charged society, many people get caught up in arguments both online and in real life with others who refuse to accept to any opinion outside of their own. Princesses remind us to be patient and listen to others with respect and understanding so we can live in a more harmonious world.

3. Escapism Is an Important Aspect of Daily Life.

Life is hard, and it only gets harder with age. It is important and healthy to spend a little time each day imagining a place that's just a little more magical, grand, and loving than the one we live in. These little bursts of escapism can help us relax and reduce stress throughout the rest of our day.

4. They Let Girls Know It's Okay to Still Be Girls.

In a society where gender fluidity is being encouraged more than ever, princesses validate feminine girls to be themselves and not feel like they need to change to match the societal norms. Of course, there are plenty of modern princesses for girls who feel more masculine as well.

5. They Make Us Feel Empowered.

By watching princesses live out our dreams, we can feel reassured that our big decisions like moving away from home, attending a big social event, applying for a competitive job, or starting a family can lead to our own happily ever afters, taking the fear and anxiety out of these decisions. After all, Cinderella never would have escaped her stepfamily if she didn't go to the ball, Ariel never would have been able to explore the human world if she didn't trade her voice to Ursula, and Tiana never would have met Naveen if she didn't work so diligently to save up for her restaurant.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my posts for these past five years. I've loved seeing all of your recommendations and hearing your opinions, even if they differ from my own. Let me know if you have a favorite subject to read about. I have no plans to stop blogging. Princesses are an ever-expanding and timeless subject that will always provide new media to explore. Maybe someday we'll even see some new fairy tale adaptations. Thank you for sticking with me these past five years, and here's to five more!


Stephanie said…
I love this post!!! I'm honored you chose my idea to write about :)
As I get older (in my thirties already) I find life does indeed stay challenging and it's a constant temptation to turn into more of a villain. It would be easy to give into despair, bitterness, anger and coldheartedness. I find I still need Princesses on a regular basis to encourage hope in a happily ever after, dreams coming true (when many haven't), and as a model to be kind and generous at all times. Thank you for sharing a Princess mentality with me and for this community <3
Lisa Dawn said…
I completely feel you on the villain sentiment! I lose my patience a lot more than I care to admit lately. Thank you for the fantastic suggestion! I'm glad you enjoy reading my posts. Take care! :)
Sugar said…
Wow you sound very similar to rapunzel when you sing!
I think one important thing about princesses is that they teach you that being nice isn't a weakness, that not every girl should be a kick ass princess and that's okay, and that a nice dress and sparkly tiara can be a symbol of strength as much as an armor and a sword.
I'm glad I found this site!
Lisa Dawn said…
Thanks so much! :) Yes, I suppose valuing beauty and kindness was more common in my generation than it is today.

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