These Two Princesses Are Coming Back With a Vengeance!

It's been a while since we've heard from Rapunzel or Bean, and their creators seemed to be perfectly happy leaving us hanging. The previous seasons of both Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure and Disenchantment ended on cliffhangers. Luckily, the story gods have finally heard our desperate pleas as both these shows are coming back from the dead with new episodes less than a month from now! The third and final season of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure will premiere on October 7th, and Disenchantment will be back with what they are referring to as "Part 2" on September 20th. We've been theorizing and worrying for a long time about the fate of these two princesses, so it's a huge relief to know that it won't be much longer before we learn how they overcome their shocking betrayals.

When we last saw Rapunzel, she was feeling hurt and anguished by Cassandra's untimely betrayal. Just when Rapunzel was about to grab the Moonstone Opal and potentially liberate the Dark Kingdom, Cassandra snatched it up at the last minute, underwent a dark Magical Girl transformation, and reminded Rapunzel to be careful who she trusts. Fans have been going crazy trying to figure out Cass's motivation behind this decision when she was once Rapunzel's loyal lady-in-waiting. That question will finally be answered on October 7th. A few days ago, the image above was released for the upcoming final season of Tangled, featuring a sinister blue-haired Cassandra looming over a cheerful and energetic Rapunzel swinging on her hair like a superhero. Observant fans have noticed the new outfits on both Rapunzel and Eugene. The second season mostly featured Rapunzel in an adventuring dress or her classic princess dress, but this season seems to have found a happy medium between the utility belt features of her adventure wear and the purple frills of her princess dress. I think this might be my new favorite outfit!

Even though we don't have a trailer, a recent article from The Collider drops hints about lots of goodies we can expect from Rapunzel's return. The season premiere is reported to be an hour-long special in which Rapunzel must save Corona from "an old enemy." Could it be Varian? The article reports Jeremy Jordan's return as the tragic alchemist. For me, the juiciest tidbit was the revelations of Sean Giambrone as the "teenage version of Eugene" and Chris Diamantopoulos as a "budding Flynn Rider." What does this mean for us? Are we finally going to learn Eugene's mysterious backstory? I'm a little ashamed to admit that I didn't like Eugene very much as a Disney Prince in the beginning. We knew so little about his past, and he didn't come off as a very good person in the movie. The series has rectified that a little, so seeing how he grew up could really help turn things around for me. Another interesting observation from the article is that the powerful wizard Zhan Tiri is going to be played by a woman, Tara Fitzgerald. This season was confirmed as the last season of Tangled, but it is looking to be the best one yet!

Next up, we have Bean from Disenchantment, who we last saw sacrificing her friend Elfo in order to bring her mother, who turned out to be a powerful evil sorceress, back from the dead. Talk about a big mistake! The trailer picks up right where we left off with the queen wanting to take Bean under her wing. Meanwhile, Bean wants to save the people of Dreamland, who have been turned to stone and bring back Elfo from the dead. There are lots of clips of Bean running through Hell with her demon companion Luci, and it looks like she will even have an encounter with the devil himself. It's unclear whether Elfo will actually go to Hell to meet them because he seems quite content to stay in Heaven. This season (or "part," as Netflix recently started calling seasons of their content) appears to be a lot more story-driven than the first one, which should make it more enjoyable to binge-watch. The previous season had some issues with jumping around between filler episodes before finally revealing the main plot. I'm looking forward to seeing how Bean overcomes the emotional trauma of learning that the mother she idealized is actually an evil villain who must be stopped at all costs.

The new episodes of Disenchantment come out on September 20th followed by the season premiere special of Tangled on October 7th. I am so excited to finally see both of these princesses return to the small screen. They have each been betrayed by someone close to them, which is something that I relate to in my own life. I'm curious to see how similarly or differently Rapunzel and Bean handle these respective betrayals due to their unique personalities. Disenchantment may or may not end on another cliffhanger, but Tangled is definitely ending for good this season, so let's hope the writers gave it their all. I'm also hoping we won't have to wait too long for more episodes after the premiere.


Hope35 said…
That new poster is cool & I'm so glad the final season of the Rapunzel Tangled series will be aired on TV (which alleviates my concern that it would only be aired on Disney + or the 'net in some other way).

I still have a feeling that Mother Gothel is involved with Cass being evil in some way but we most likely won't find that out until near the end of the season/series.

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