Traci Hines Made a Wreck-It Ralph Fan Video That's Packed with Princesses!

Creativity is in the air this month with new episodes of our favorite TV shows and Halloween just around the corner. Princess fans everywhere are getting into the spirit with cosplay and collaborative music videos. PattyCake Productions, known for their fantastic movie and pop song mashups recently teased an upcoming villain music video on their Facebook page. In the meantime, the wait is over for Traci Hines's latest collaboration with a large group of princess cosplayers recreating the famous trailer scene from Wreck-It Ralph 2 to the song "When Can I See You Again?" by Owl City from the first Wreck-It Ralph. The song is upbeat and peppy in the spirit of the scene it is attempting to recreate, making it a terrific choice for the video. The lyrics about having a great time hanging out with someone and then needing to leave blend perfectly with the plot where Vanellope sneaks into the Disney Princesses' secret dressing room and has some fun with them before needing to continue her quest through the internet to repair her game.

The music video is a companion piece to a skit from Jbunzie's channel that mimics the famous scene from the trailer, complete with matching dialogue, movements, and camera angles. I loved how they recreated the beautiful pink recreation room that the princesses share via green screen technology. All fourteen official Disney Princesses are accounted for alongside a cute older Vanellope who was edited with camera tricks to look shorter. Even though they got the layout of the scene perfect, there are a few fashion errors spotted when comparing it to the scene that inspired it. The princesses' formal movie costumes are beautiful and extremely detailed with shimmering brocades and sequins, but Mulan's cosplayer appears to be wearing the yellow and green dress she wore at the beginning of the movie before she met the Matchmaker. In the Wreck-It Ralph 2 trailer, she was shown wearing the blue dress from the end of the movie when she saved the Emporer from the Huns. Their casual wear is even less screen accurate, but that's forgivable considering how little we've seen of it thus far. Some clips from the movie have revealed Aurora in a hot pink top that says "Nap Queen," while here she's wearing a white t-shirt that says "Let Me Sleep," among other inconsistencies such as Ariel returning to her mermaid form with her Adorkable Apparel seashell t-shirt.

Having the Disney Princesses sing this famous song together was a clever and unique idea that really sold the video. "When Can I See You Again?" has been featured in the Disney theme parks for the Paint the Night Parade, giving it a classic feel while breathing new life into it with an all-female cast of performers. Traci Hines reused her beautiful pink tea dress from her "Part of Your World" video while she performed as her signature cosplay character, Ariel. Many of the other actresses had terrific singing voices. Each one was strategically matched to a lyric in the song that went along with her character. Tiana sang about starlight, and Anna and Elsa sang grabbing their sidekicks in voices that sounded very close to the original. At the end of the video, each princess blended a line from her own signature movie song into final the chorus of "When Can I See You Again?" Another clever twist was when Ralph tried to call Vanellope from outside the arcade machine to warn her that they had been intercepted by a Storm Trooper. This was also a reference to something Ralph and Vanellope saw when they entered the world of the internet in the trailer.

Even though the music video didn't include the famous selfie scene that's been all over social media, the most epic shot in the video was at the end where all of the princesses were lying down in a circle around Vanellope. Seeing all of their classic costumes and wigs laid out in an infinite loop was truly a work of art. They had just the right amount of cosplayers to fit in the frame for an overhead shot of their faces circling Vanellope. It was so cute to see them all singing and having fun together, which is preferable to the aggressive and somewhat sardonic tone of the trailer in which they got angry and tried to attack Vanellope for invading their private space before warming up to her and vegging out in their casual wear. There was no lounging with popcorn and frappuccinos in this music video! They were very active while giggling and having pillow fights at the most epic sleepover party ever. It's no wonder Vanellope didn't want to leave! It looks like all of the cosplayers had a fantastic time filming this. I would have loved to have been a part of a similar collaboration. How often do you get to hang out with that many fellow princess fans at once?

October is a fun month for creative types. Now that the summer slump is over, lots of television shows are airing their season premieres. It's time to get our heads back into the clouds with our fantasy worlds and tell our stories. Now that the Halloween season is in full swing, it's wonderful to be able start off the month with such a lovely fan creation from Traci Hines. Be sure to keep an eye on PattyCake Productions' YouTube channel for their upcoming "Villains Lair" video, and stay tuned to The Princess Blog to read about my experience at Mickey's Halloween Party this year! Are you going to be a princess this Halloween? Let me know who you're cosplaying as in the comments. Happy Halloween, everyone!


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