Princess Parties

One princess experience that I've always been interested in despite being too old to truly enjoy it is princess party entertainment. These children's entertainment companies exist all over the world for the sole purpose of providing children with the joy of spending an afternoon with their favorite cartoon character. They are more accessible than theme park princesses because they come right to your home without the expense and stress of planning a trip. I wanted to save this topic for when I have a little princess of my own to share this experience with, but when a UK-based group called Snow Princess Parties requested that I share some of their magic in my blog, I couldn't resist. Here are some examples of the wonderful experiences they have to offer.

Belle, Aurora, and Rapunzel of Snow Princess Parties, a UK-based children's party company

While I have not personally had the honor of inviting a princess into my home for one of my past birthday parties, I did have a memorable experience assisting Belle at a local party company in Southern California as a favor to a friend. We sang songs and played games with a group of enthusiastic little girls, many of whom attended the party in costume. These are just some of the activities that these companies have to offer. The birthday princess usually gets her own tiara, and more expensive packages can include things like magic shows or princess makeovers similar to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, both of which are included in some of Snow Princess Parties' deluxe offerings.

My favorite thing about these companies is that they bring the magic of theme park characters to places where people may not otherwise have access to them. There are only so many Disney Parks in the world, and not everyone can afford an expensive vacation. The one-on-one experiences that princess parties offer provide an opportunity give children an fully immersive opportunity to spend time with their favorite characters beyond just a hug, a quick chat, or a photo op. Plus, these parties offer all sorts of characters that you might not find anywhere else, such as superheroes, faeries, pirates, and original characters that can tell their own story.

Large group of Disney prince and princess characters from Once Upon a Party, a New Branfels-based children's party company

Another great thing about these companies is that many of them provide other services besides children's parties. If it's not your birthday or you're too old to attend a children's party, there are entertainment companies that host local events for children of all ages to come and play with their favorite characters. For instance, a party company in New Braunfels, TX called Once Upon a Party hosts year-round events like Easter egg hunts, dances, arts and crafts, and more. I would love to attend one of these sometime and was particularly interested a fairytale character dining event that was unfortunately postponed. Though these companies are not licensed by Disney, they avoid copyright infringement by giving their characters public domain names such as Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Snow Queen, etc. This allows them to spread their magic far beyond the borders of theme parks.

If you think you need to board a plane and travel for miles to meet your favorite princess, think again. No matter where you live, you are likely find a fantastic princess entertainment company near you and become part of your favorite movies and fandoms from anywhere in the world. This is one experience that I've always wished I could have had as a child, but I would be thrilled to pass it on one day in the future. Do you have a favorite local princess party company? Let me know in the comments below!


Lady Culturina said…
Hey, nice. This reminds me of a charity party given for refugees, where I volunteered after a fellow cosplayer asked me this. I lent her my Cinderella (2015) dress and went myself as Coronation Elsa. We spent much time, along with others people dressed as Spider-man for instance, to put festive make-up on children. But I've never heard of professional princesses, ready to animate birthdays in France. No choice: to meet her I've have to be at Disneyland Paris and wait 75 minutes outside the Princess pavilion (as it the only place where my handicap card do not allow me to cut files).
Lisa Dawn said…
That was a very kind thing that you did. You truly have the princess spirit! :)
Lady Culturina said…
Gee thanks! But it's too rare around there. I think I'd better search if there is a need for party entertainer around here, because it would be a really cool thing to do (including for adults by the way).
Lisa Dawn said…
I've thought about working for one of those companies before, but it isn't a very lucrative job for the amount of labor that goes into it since you would only work on random weekends.

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