Season 2 of She-Ra Is Coming!

It feels like just yesterday that the new animated She-Ra reboot premiered on Netflix with its masterfully executed premiere season. Just a few months later, the show's Facebook page posted an announcement that the second season would drop on April 26th. That's less than a month away! The page had also been heavily promoting their presence at WonderCon this weekend. Last night, I finally found out why. As it turns out, the WonderCon panel for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power premiered the trailer for the second season! The trailer doesn't reveal a whole lot of the new season's story, but since it is reported to have a scant seven episodes, there might not be much that they could reveal in a minute and a half. Reports from the panel reveal that an additional five clips that were previewed there as well. Hopefully, these clips will also be released to the public as the second season grows closer.

The majority of the trailer's visuals consist of traditional cartoon battle scenes that you would expect to see in an action-packed show like this. We see the return of many familiar faces in the Princess Alliance, including Mermista, Perfuma, and Frosta. Entrapta appears to have joined forces with Catra and Scorpia as a member of the wicked Horde, something that was foreshadowed in the first season. There are absolutely no clips in the trailer of Netossa and Spinerella, the confirmed lesbian couple of the show, who were barely even in it before. In the first season, they didn't do anything to show off their ability until the final minutes of the finale. Of course, the trailer also features the four main protagonists--Adora, Glimmer, Bow, and Swift Wind, Adora's winged unicorn who I almost forgot had the ability to talk. Bow awkwardly refers to the foursome as the "best friend quad."

According to reports from the WonderCon panel, series creator Noelle Stevenson honed in on her Dungeons and Dragons skills to work on the show. One of the clips previewed at the panel was reported to portray Bow and the princesses planning a battle strategy over a DnD style table map with sculpted figurines. Other clips that debuted there include a scene showing the world from Swift Wind's perspective and another about Scorpia longing for Catra's approval in the Horde. Both Adora and Catra are going to be placed in leadership positions in these episodes, something that both teenagers got a taste of in the first season when Catra took on Adora's promotion as a Horde force captain and Adora unexpectedly transformed into the ancient hero She-Ra. The trailer also contains a clip of the sorceress Light Hope telling She-Ra that she still has room for improvement, implying that we might join Adora for a few training sessions.

There were quite a few things left unresolved in the show's nine-episode premiere season, and I'm a little leery of being able to accomplish those resolutions with only seven episodes in this run. The troublemaker Entrapta got left behind with the Horde after the princesses thought she had died. I'm eager to see their reaction when they learn their abandoned party member has joined the dark side as well as whether or not they will be able to convince her to come back. Also still up in the air is the "frenemy" relationship between Adora and Catra. They were forced to become rivals after Adora left the Horde to join the Rebellion as She-Ra, but that doesn't erase the years of friendship between them before that point. Judging by what was discussed at the WonderCon panel, it sounds like Scorpia longs for the friendship and approval from Catra that Adora once had. We'll just have to wait and see if Catra realizes that her old friend is a lost cause as far as fighting for evil goes and accepts Scorpia as her new bestie.

This trailer was a disappointment for me. I learned nothing new about the upcoming season, and it was so generic that could have just as easily been a trailer for season 1. I hope the reason for this is that the creators didn't want to spoil any of the fast-paced and shocking plot twists that will take place over the exceptionally short second season and not that the show is going to be nothing but battle sequences. I wish we could have more than seven episodes to further develop the plot and relationships between the show's large cast, but I do have faith in the writers after seeing the incredible first season that they delivered. April 26th will be here sooner than you know it, so keep an eye on those Netflix queues as well as the official social media pages for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power in case they release the other clips that were previewed at WonderCon.


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